Billboard trailer riders wanted

Well after three attempts over the years I think I’ve got the almost perfect billboard trailer design. Simple & very light & good size, taking two 1200×900 corflute boards, one each side. I’ve had it out in a couple of stiff Easterlies and it copes fine – haven’t experienced the gale force NW yet though. Over the next week and a half I’m looking for people to take it for a spin during the day and promote the Open Streets/Ciclovia event on 29 Sept. If you are keen and have a tall seat post (next version of the trailer will have more ground clearance), pick it up from the hospital and take it for a tour. the more km it covers over different parts of town the better. steve (at) cycletrailers dot co dot nzciclovia

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  1. I have had it over the weekend and covered around 70km. It is easy to pull along and wasn’t effected by the light winds we had. Simple and easy to attach – but you do need a bike with the seat well up so you have about 100mm of exposed seat post and a couple of 8mm spanners.
    Keith (Chairperson Spokes Canterbury)

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