ICECycles free bike maintenance workshop proves popular

ICECyles (Inner City East Cycles) ran its eleventh free bike maintenance workshop from 1-4pm on Saturday 2/3/13 at the Delta Community House in Richmond. An article running in the Press ( that morning seemed to get the word out very effectively and it was one of our busiest workshops ever with 54 repairs and 32 bikes being donated. Over half of the bikes we gave away were received on the day and required fixing up before passing on so it was a good effort from the ICECycles team. Casserole and sandwiches from Raviv kept everyone satisfied while their repairs were being completed. The grand total over the eleven workshops so far is 381 repairs and 163 bikes restored and given away, although we are starting to pass on a lot of bikes between workshops too, which brings the grand total of donated bikes to 248. More pictures here


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