“Tactical Urbanism” and what it can do for cycling!

We’re experts at tactical urbanism here in Christchurch, so I’ve discovered.  It’s what Greening the Rubble and Gapfiller have been doing every since our earthquakes began – putting in quick, often temporary, cheap projects to make a small part of our city more vibrant, lively, or enjoyable.

Icyclewayfindingsign came across this little article about tactical urbanism and walking wayfinding and it got me thinking about the possibilities for jumping on this bandwagon for cyclists.  We’ve been complaining for years about the lack of signage around the City – perhaps we could bite off some small projects, find some funding and put up some bicycle wayfinding signs. Signs that show when a no exit street actually has an exit for cyclists and pedestrians, for example, or perhaps doing something about the wayfinding issues in Hagley Park might be another project.    This might be as cheap as making stencil and painting something on the road

Even just putting up some signs that indicate how long trips take on a bike so that people start to see the idea of biking as a really sensible choice for local transport!


2 thoughts on ““Tactical Urbanism” and what it can do for cycling!”

  1. Sounds brilliant . Would be really helpful if a route could be found across the central city that doesn’t involve taking one’s life in one’s hands by using a one way street . Would the authorities be too upset if a temporary line was drawn on some footpaths which allowed a shared pedestrian /cyclist arrangement ? . These are difficult times for everyone and small and innovative projects which can help to make things a little easier even if they bend the rules a bit should be considered . After all , the footpaths are being used to cycle on anyway, just would be good if it could be safer for all and formalised .

  2. I am a huge fan of “Tactical Urbanism” and I think this is just what Christchurch needs. I agree with Robert, it would be great to signpost a safe (safest) route across the central city. This would be a great start! I can also see great potential for themed cycle routes later on: art, nature or heritage trails. Maybe a even a Gap Filler cycling route? Anyway, I would be happy to pitch in!

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