• Photo of the Day: Bus Bike Rack Practice

    Photo of the Day: Bus Bike Rack Practice0

    Bike racks on the front of buses are becoming a familiar sight around the city, particularly now that they are standard on all Metro services. I’m seeing a fairly steady level of usage on the buses travelling around town, but I also know that the idea of using the bike-racks is a bit daunting for

  • Inside the new Bus Interchange – What’s in it for Cycling

    Inside the new Bus Interchange – What’s in it for Cycling0

    While it’s been partially open for a few months now, with the second stage of the new Christchurch Bus Interchange now completed, it seems timely to have a look at it and see how it works for cycling (we’ll look at the surrounding cycleways in a future post). Let’s start with the interchange itself. As

  • Bus Bike Racks continue to grow

    Bus Bike Racks continue to grow0

    As many of you will have heard, various changes were made to Christchurch bus services in December. For example, we now have a network of high-frequency “orange/purple/yellow/blue line” services across the city. One relatively unheralded outcome of the new bus services is that we also now have 100% coverage of bike racks on buses around

  • Bikes on Buses: Latest Stats

    Bikes on Buses: Latest Stats2

    Some months ago we told you about how you can combine your bus and bike trips for even greater flexibility, thanks to bike racks on most Christchurch urban bus services. Bike racks have been trialled in the city since late 2007 (the first in the country) and were made standard equipment on an increasing number

  • An Awesome Bike Rack from an Awesome Team

    An Awesome Bike Rack from an Awesome Team0

    You may recall that the wonderful folks at the Ministry of Awesome held a bike rack design competition. After many entries, short-listing, and public voting, a winner was found in Jonathan Hall’s koru-inspired design. And just the other night the newly constructed design was unveiled at the Re:START Container Mall (you can watch the CTV

  • Bike Rack Competition Ministry of Awesome

    Bike Rack Competition Ministry of Awesome0

    Ministry of Awesome are running a bike rack design competition, the winner of which will be built and installed in Cashel Mall. If you want to vote for your favourite go to here. If you’d like to vote for my bee & butterfly design check out steves bee design

  • Bikes on Buses

    Bikes on Buses1

    Another reason why cycling in Christchurch is great: you can combine bike and bus trips! This evening I had to go to a meeting in Burnside. From work it was only another 5km – easy to get there by bike. But by the time I was finished I didn’t really fancy the 11km-or-so ride all

  • The new old

    The new old3

    Could this be a good idea for the rebuild? By MANIFESTO Architecture P.C. The Bike Hanger is an essential facility for the city of Seoul which aims to increase its bicycle-friendliness. The facility is not only low-maintenance and environmentally friendly, but by being installed in between buildings it takes advantage of many of the underutilized spaces



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