• Biking activities for March 2017

    Biking activities for March 20171

    Is it still summer? The weather is holding out reasonably well, so let’s keep on biking! No doubt many of you took part in February’s Aotearoa Bike Challenge – make sure you get those last few rides logged online and then see if you’ve won any prizes. There’s more biking events coming up in March

  • Photo of the Day: New CBD bike parking

    Photo of the Day: New CBD bike parking1

    We’re seeing a lot of great new cycleways popping up around town, but of course they won’t be much use if there’s nowhere to park your bike at the end of your ride. Fortunately, the City Council has been thinking about that question for some time (including some detailed analysis in their Central City Parking

  • Biking Activities for February 2017

    Biking Activities for February 20172

    Back to work, back to school, it must be February again! It also makes it Go By Bike month, that time of the year when the country celebrates biking for work and play. This year it’s all about the Aotearoa Bike Challenge, where organisations try to encourage as many staff members to hop on their

  • Guest Post: 5 Maintenance Tips New Cyclists Should Never Forget

    Guest Post: 5 Maintenance Tips New Cyclists Should Never Forget2

    With all the new bikes that Santa no doubt brought, here are some words of advice from guest blogger Michael Fulkerson: It’s beautiful cycling around New Zealand when the weather is nice, but only if your bike is in prime condition. Too many new cyclists forget they do actually need to maintain their bike if

  • Cycling Activities for Dec 2016

    Cycling Activities for Dec 20160

    Another year is drawing to a close, but there’s just enough time to take on a few more cycling events before we catch our breath. In fact, things are starting right from the first day of December… Remember to keep an eye on our Activities and Events Calendar for the latest updates on what’s happening.

  • Guest Post: Cycling and Children

    Guest Post: Cycling and Children0

    Here is a guest post from Denise Nelson – enjoy! Cycling and Children Children riding their bikes is a great way to teach independence and alternate travel options. Helping your children learn to ride a bike at a young age and to ride alongside them will show your children a healthy activity to partake in.

  • Cycling Activities for October 2016

    Cycling Activities for October 20160

    Another month, another post full of cycling activities! And with the weather starting to improve we’re seeing a few more opportunities to get out and about on your bikes. Below are some of the activities coming up (free unless stated otherwise); details are still being finalised for some of them, so keep an eye on

  • Cycling Activities for Sep 2016

    Cycling Activities for Sep 20163

    Yay, spring is here! Well, at least officially; let’s hope that the weather plays ball. Warmer weather means more opportunities to get back out on your bike, and there are a few ride activities below for that (or why not combine good drink and cycling on a Radler Guided Tour of Chch?). If your bike

  • Cycling Activities for August 2016

    Cycling Activities for August 20160

    The weather continues to fool us in wondering whether the worst of winter is over or still yet to come. Either way, it’s always a good time to get on your bike, look at bikes, or at least talk about bikes! A few organised activities this month (listed below), but there’s nothing to stop you

  • Who’s Who for Cycling in Christchurch?

    Who’s Who for Cycling in Christchurch?0

    In a relatively short period of time, it seems that a number of people and groups in Christchurch have sprung up to help encourage everyday cycling in some way. This was brought home to me a month or so back when I was trying to explain to someone from out of Christchurch all of the

  • Cycling Activities for June 2016

    Cycling Activities for June 20160

    Winter has finally decided to start showing itself to Christchurch, but that hasn’t stopped the opportunities to get on your bike or at least talk about bikes! Here’s this month’s run-down of coming cycling events; as always you can check out the full details on our Events and Activities Calendar. – First up this Sat

  • Cycling Activities for May 2016

    Cycling Activities for May 20160

    As the months approach winter, it’s natural to think that your opportunities for doing things cycling-related might also cool down. But, rather like our current run of golden weather, there continue to be plenty of things in Chch to keep people enjoying their bikes! In some cases, the details are still being finalised, so make



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