How to Ride Your Bike

If you’re new to cycling, or at least to cycling in Christchurch, this page has links to help you get started.

Know how to ride

    • For youngsters starting out, CycleSafe is the Council’s cycle training programme for school kids (~Yr 6-8).
    • Local outfit provide regular beginner MTB skills courses and general cycle skills assessment.
    • Bike Wise also has lots of useful information for getting started with cycling, whether for transport or just fun.
    • goRide is a great resource for people starting cycling in NZ, especially for women and families.
    • Our blog has a growing range of posts on cycle skills to help you improve the riding by you and your family.

Tips for Riding around Christchurch

    • If you want to know where you can ride in Christchurch, see our handy webpage of links
    • Had a crash or near-miss? Here’s how to let the right people know

If you would like to add/update information to this page, contact us.

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