• Cycling in the Wet

    Cycling in the Wet9

    • 23 October 2016

    Another dreary wet day and inevitably the number of people cycling takes a nosedive. Perhaps you are a “fairweather cyclist”. Perhaps you’d like to become more of an “all-weather” rider. So how to do that? Disclaimer: I will mention some brands and businesses here, but they are just suggestions. And sadly I receive no commission

  • Cycling in the Wind

    Cycling in the Wind4

    • 21 October 2016

    While it’s nice that Christchurch doesn’t have much in the way of hills to deal with, it makes up for that by having fairly persistent winds. One day it’s a strong nor’wester, then it’s a beast’ly easterly, then a bitter cold southerly. And knowing my luck, it’s usually in my face both going to work

  • Cycling in the Cold

    Cycling in the Cold1

    • 21 June 2016

    Some of you may be getting ready to brave the elements for the Winter Solstice Ride. Maybe at other times, it’s just about biking to work on a frosty Canterbury morning. Whatever the situation, if you spend long enough riding around Christchurch then at some point you will have to deal with keeping warm on

  • Safety: Who Ya Gonna Call…?

    Safety: Who Ya Gonna Call…?3

    • 8 December 2012

    OK, so you’ve had a crash while out riding, whether with a car or some other hazard. Or maybe it was just a near-miss but it’s not the first time you’ve had problems at that site. Or perhaps some idiot driver has decided to do something incredibly dangerous and nearly cause a prang with you?

  • Maintenance: Who Ya Gonna Call…?

    Maintenance: Who Ya Gonna Call…?5

    • 23 November 2012

    No, it’s probably not the Ghostbusters (and that reference just went over the head of half my audience…). But if you do spot a problem while out riding, there are a number of options you have for making sure things get done. We’ve all come across it before: there you are riding along and suddenly



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