• Biking Activities for April 2017

    Biking Activities for April 20170

    • 6 April 2017

    Brrrr, suddenly the weather seems to be telling us that summer might truly be over! Fortunately there are still plenty of opportunities to get your biking fix, whether outside or in; hopefully the weather will oblige when necessary. We’ll summarise some of these below; as always you can keep an eye on the latest details

  • Guest Photo of the Day: Playcentre Bike Parking

    Guest Photo of the Day: Playcentre Bike Parking8

    • 16 December 2016

    A good sign that cycling is becoming normalised in Christchurch is when it’s not just the clichéd “lycra road warriors” to be seen riding to work or for exercise. So it was nice to receive this photo from a friend-of-a-friend who takes her two kids to Somerfield Playcentre on the green e-bike in the photo.

  • Cycling Activities for June 2016

    Cycling Activities for June 20160

    • 2 June 2016

    Winter has finally decided to start showing itself to Christchurch, but that hasn’t stopped the opportunities to get on your bike or at least talk about bikes! Here’s this month’s run-down of coming cycling events; as always you can check out the full details on our Events and Activities Calendar. – First up this Sat

  • Cycling Activities for February 2016

    Cycling Activities for February 20164

    • 5 February 2016

    [Updated event details, 6 Feb] Summer is warming up, and so are the fun activities out there for you on your bike! So here’s a run-down of some of the events coming up that you might like to mark in your diary (the details for some of them are still being finalised). Unless stated, they

  • Would you like to see adult cycle training in Christchurch?

    Would you like to see adult cycle training in Christchurch?0

    • 14 December 2015

    {NB: Online survey has now closed} A question I get asked reasonably often is whether there is any cycle training for adults around Christchurch. Sadly, at the moment, the answer is “no, not really”. We have our wonderful Cycle Safe training programme in schools but, for a cycling-friendly city, it is surprising that there hasn’t

  • End of Tour: Reflections on Cycling in Europe

    End of Tour: Reflections on Cycling in Europe8

    • 6 September 2015

    So, two months after I actually returned home, we come to the end of the belated reports on my 3-month study tour of Europe. I finished with a couple of days in Frankfurt, Germany, before flying out, and I’ve included a few pictures in this post from wandering around the city. But mostly I want

  • More Cycling Happenings in April

    More Cycling Happenings in April0

    • 11 April 2015

    As autumn starts to kick in around Christchurch, I hope you’re still finding plenty of reasons to get out and about on your bike (and there are always ways and means to work around it being cold or wet). In case you need a bit more inspiration; here are a few more bike-themed events coming

  • Zen and the Art of Cycling

    Zen and the Art of Cycling0

    • 16 February 2015

    Here’s a guest post from occasional contributor Robyn M.Speed – enjoy… I nailed that hill! It had been there waiting, patiently, quietly. No nagging. No taunting. Just waiting…for the day when I decided ‘I’ll have a crack at it and see how far up I get before I decide to turn around.’ So I did.

  • A Lazy Sunday – Time for a Ride

    A Lazy Sunday – Time for a Ride1

    • 29 January 2015

    Well, after two weeks of walking/riding in consistently sub-zero temperatures around the US, it was certainly a pleasant change to put on my shorts and join about thirty others for a Lazy Sunday Cycle Christchurch Ride this past weekend. Lazy Sunday started out as a concept over in Brisbane, Australia. The premise is simple: why

  • Guest Post: How did a 50-year-old get back into cycling?

    Guest Post: How did a 50-year-old get back into cycling?2

    • 30 July 2013

    Here’s another guest blog, this time by a recent convert to riding, Robyn M. Speed: I blame my son, Andy. It’s a bit unfair to blame him really, when it all came about because he crashed his bike on the Port Hills. Thankfully he was okay – multiple grazes and concussion, but no broken bones,

  • My lovely new bicycle

    My lovely new bicycle0

    • 29 October 2012

    A few months ago, I took 2 old bikes to my Trusty Bike Mechanic, Keith, at Cycle Trading Company and said: ‘Keith, dear, please make me one bike,’ confident in the knowledge that the hybrid would be better than either of the old ones. Keith has my interests at heart. I know this. I Trust Him

  • The AA does Cycling

    The AA does Cycling3

    • 28 October 2012

    You heard it right: the NZ Automobile Association, the champion of motorists in this country, has just released the latest issue of its Directions magazine, with a bumper crop of articles on cycling. And it’s rather nice… The issue includes a range of articles (many readable online) including: The advantages to everyone of getting more



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