• Way out West – Are new developments cycle-friendly?

    Way out West – Are new developments cycle-friendly?7

    • 29 August 2016

    The growth in housing demand around Greater Christchurch has seen a lot of new subdivisions spring up, particularly on the periphery of the city. Areas that were farmland not too long ago are suddenly just another part of suburbia. We’ve seen how residential development has been done in places like Germany; so how do things

  • Cycling Activities for July 2016

    Cycling Activities for July 20160

    • 1 July 2016

    Who had fun on last week’s Winter Solstice Ride?! While the winter solstice might fool some into thinking that things can only get warmer now, others recognise that it probably just means the start of winter (certainly the temperatures are feeling that way…). So that means another good mix of activities both indoors and outdoors

  • Has Auckland Cycling turned a corner?

    Has Auckland Cycling turned a corner?0

    • 13 March 2016

    So I spent half of last week up in Auckland attending the annual IPENZ Transportation Conference. As always, the conference itself was a great mix of technical and policy presentations, including some very interesting speakers talking about the possible ways that transport may dramatically change how we get around; be it self-driving vehicles, Uber-like call-up

  • Photo of the Day: Auckland Pathways

    Photo of the Day: Auckland Pathways9

    • 9 March 2016

    If you’ve been wondering about the “radio silence” lately, it’s because I’ve been up in Auckland since Sunday attending the IPENZ Transportation Conference. Lots of interesting presentations that I can report on later, but I also took the opportunity to have a good look around the central city and see what they’ve been up to

  • Cycling Postcards from Australia

    Cycling Postcards from Australia7

    • 2 February 2016

    Last week I returned from a 10-day family holiday to the east coast of Australia, travelling around between Brisbane and Sydney. Being on holiday (and doing most of the driving), I didn’t take too many cycling-related pictures (see a few below), but nevertheless I was able to get another useful look at how Australian towns

  • Photo of the Day: Cycleways and Rubbish Day

    Photo of the Day: Cycleways and Rubbish Day7

    • 12 January 2016

    Tennyson St is the grand-daddy of separated cycleways in Christchurch; it’s been around for well over a decade. So it pre-dates the introduction of the kerbside wheelie-bin rubbish and recycling scheme a few years back. I love this scheme; it’s a great way for us to get our recycling and organics easily dealt with separately.

  • Cycling projects around Wellington

    Cycling projects around Wellington2

    • 9 December 2015

    It’s great to see so much happening around Christchurch on the cycling front, but we’re certainly not the only ones in NZ at present. The Urban Cycleways Programme is generating some great projects all over the country; for example, there was a lot of fanfare regarding the opening last week of the new bright pink

  • Lincoln Town Centre Plans

    Lincoln Town Centre Plans4

    • 15 November 2015

    Christchurch is not the only place working on improving its village centres; our western neighbours Selwyn District have also been planning changes for Lincoln’s town centre, with consultation now out, and again that includes some very promising things for cycling. The town centre plan has been designed around five key themes: Promoting ‘active commercial frontage’,

  • Guest Post: Urban Cycling and Urban Planning. Friends or Foes?

    Guest Post: Urban Cycling and Urban Planning. Friends or Foes?0

    • 1 October 2015

    Our regular correspondent Robert reports to us from out of town… At the time that Lennyboy posted his final reflections on Europe, I was in Rotorua mainly to play tourist but also to ride part of the magnificent Te Ara Ahi, Thermal By Bike cycle trail. Re-reading the rather scathing picture about the CBD of

  • Vauban and Rieselfeld, Freiburg: Suburbs for Cycling

    Vauban and Rieselfeld, Freiburg: Suburbs for Cycling1

    • 29 August 2015

    During my time in Freiburg, Germany, I paid a visit to two outlying suburbs that have become poster-children for sustainable development. Vauban and Rieselfeld lie to the south and west of central Freiburg respectively, with about 6-7000 people in each area. Development of both areas started in the early 1990s with a deliberate aim to

  • Cycling in Houten – a triumph in Planning

    Cycling in Houten – a triumph in Planning3

    • 1 June 2015

    When providing for cycling, it’s easy to get hung up on the various design details in how to build best-practice cycling routes. As I showed you in my previous post about Utrecht, the Dutch certainly have many very good treatments for streets and cycleways that bear repeating elsewhere. These things are important, and we should

  • Guest Post: As Easy As Riding a Bike

    Guest Post: As Easy As Riding a Bike0

    • 1 March 2015

    Here’s a guest post from Jack Jiang, kindly reprinted from his original AECOM blog post: Improving urban wellbeing: as easy as riding a bike The landscape of post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand is changing rapidly. When there is change, there will be innovation. Cycling in Christchurch is like much of the rest of the world: the media features it



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