• Solutions to traffic queues

    Solutions to traffic queues0

    • 17 March 2017

    I was impressed with this image from a story on Aucklands traffic congestion which suggested Aucklanders spend 4 weeks a year stuck in traffic. It’s a great perspective with the queued traffic snarling to a standstill while the lone cyclist has plenty of space to zoom along having a great time. I do have to

  • Seminar on Energy & Transport Thursday

    Seminar on Energy & Transport Thursday0

    • 3 October 2016

    Simon Kingham and Steven Muir are presenting a seminar this Thursday 6th October at Knox Church Hall (Bealey Ave) 5:30 pm (cuppa from 5) as part a a series of 4 talks called ‘reverse greed, heal the earth’. Banking and finance, water & food are the other topics. lots of interesting subjects will be covered

  • Photo of the Day: Rolleston Ave Shared Path

    Photo of the Day: Rolleston Ave Shared Path0

    • 2 January 2016

    One of the more popular places to ride a bike in Christchurch is along Rolleston Ave in front of Christ’s College, Canterbury Museum and the Botanic Gardens. This section of shared pathway (mostly 3m wide) provides a useful connection to/from Hagley Park, the reopened Boatshed Bridge, and further afield for both recreational and commuter riders

  • Mythbusting: What a Safe Passing Rule Means

    Mythbusting: What a Safe Passing Rule Means2

    • 13 November 2015

    Since the Cycle Safety Panel report came out, there has been a lot of attention focused on one particular recommendation in it – introducing a mandatory minimum lateral clearance distance when passing someone riding a bike. As is often the case when these things hit the media, a frenzy of hysteria and misunderstanding gets whipped

  • Theatre Review: MAMIL

    Theatre Review: MAMIL0

    • 18 September 2015

    If you’d like to experience a little bit of “cycling culture” off the saddle, then I heartily recommend the Court Theatre’s current offering: “MAMIL”. As many of you will know, this stands for “Middle-Aged Man In Lycra”; the somewhat derogatory term that has sprung up to define the growing numbers of recreational road cyclists who

  • Bus-Bike Workshop a Success

    Bus-Bike Workshop a Success1

    • 24 August 2015

    Last Wednesday saw the previously postponed Bus-Bike Workshop finally happen in Riccarton. Organised by the Cycling Advocates Network (CAN), this was an opportunity for some urban bus operators to join with some regular bike riders to compare notes and better understand how to interact with each other on the streets. Although we started at the

  • What the Alex Mann case has taught us

    What the Alex Mann case has taught us3

    • 3 July 2015

    It was fascinating to watch the furore erupt regarding Alex Mann’s conviction for impeding traffic while cycling on Dyers Pass Rd. Only two weeks ago, this was all over social media (and was easily our most viewed blogpost in a long time). Invariably these kind of news stories turn into a “cyclists vs motorists” free-for-all

  • Bus-Bike Road User Workshop – Wed 8th July

    Bus-Bike Road User Workshop – Wed 8th July0

    • 25 June 2015

    We’ve mentioned in the past the great initiatives by CAN, the Cycling Advocates Network, to run “Road User Workshops” around the country targeted at bus and truck safety with cycling. Coming up soon is a new Workshop here in Christchurch for local bus drivers and cyclists to get together and better understand each others’ perspectives.

  • Alex Mann fined for impeding traffic while cycling on Dyers Pass

    Alex Mann fined for impeding traffic while cycling on Dyers Pass3

    • 18 June 2015

    Here are facts as extracted from the police statement to the court and discussion with Alex Mann. Extract from the Police statement On 14th May Alex Mann was convicted in the District Court of impeding traffic while biking up Dyers Pass Road. The incident occurred on 2nd October 2014 at 1.35pm, just before the turnoff

  • Happy Cycling New Year – 2014 in review, 2015 in preview

    Happy Cycling New Year – 2014 in review, 2015 in preview2

    • 31 December 2014

    Another year ticks over and so, here at Cycling in Chch, it’s time to reflect on what has happened over the past year for cycling in the city and what’s to look forward to in the year to come. At this time last year, we were musing that the planning work might start to turn

  • Highlights from #2walkandcycle Conference Nelson

    Highlights from #2walkandcycle Conference Nelson2

    • 5 November 2014

    Well I’m a few days back from Nelson, where an action-packed 2WALKandCYCLE Conference kept ~190 delegates engaged for three days last week. The term “action packed” might not sound right in the same sentence as “conference”, but it seems an apt description for an event that featured walking and cycling tours, interactive learnshops and poster

  • Cycling Complaints: When Feedback is Appropriate

    Cycling Complaints: When Feedback is Appropriate3

    • 1 November 2014

    Another useful missive from guest blogger Robert: The cycle safety debate continues and road user behaviour remains under scrutiny and comment. Could be time to offer some guidelines about making a complaint, if it feels that your recent ‘near miss’ was way too close for comfort and it was a result of careless behaviour by



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