• All aboard the Heathcote Expressway consultation

    All aboard the Heathcote Expressway consultation1

    It’s been a busy couple of months in terms of Major Cycleway consultations. So far we’ve seen three planned routes rolled out for public feedback, and there’s one more to squeeze in before Christmas – the Heathcote Expressway. Originally, submissions on this were due to close last week, but that date has now been extended

  • Photo of the Day: Central City Sharrows

    Photo of the Day: Central City Sharrows9

    The rebuild continues apace in the central city, and that includes the Accessible City transport plans. While some of that includes separated cycle facilities like those seen on Tuam St and south Colombo St, other parts rely on traffic-calmed (30 km/h) shared streets to get around by bike. So it was interesting to see these

  • Flashback: Portland Neighbourhood Greenways

    Flashback: Portland Neighbourhood Greenways3

    A number of the recent proposed Major Cycleways are using “neighbourhood greenway” treatments, including Rapanui/Shag Rock, Papanui Parallel, and Uni-Cycle. Most people understand the concepts of separated cycleways and shared paths that are being used for many other Major Cycleway sections. But what exactly is a neighbourhood greenway (NG) and how does it work? We’ve

  • Ferry Road Streetscape Improvements at Woolston Village

    Ferry Road Streetscape Improvements at Woolston Village0

    The City Council is continuing to churn out new street reconstruction proposals around the city; this time it’s the turn of Woolston Village on Ferry Rd to get a makeover. As usual lately, that includes some improvements to the environment for cycling. Woolston Village was one of the Council’s Suburban Masterplan revitalisation projects following the

  • Victoria Street traffic changes

    Victoria Street traffic changes1

    The central city Accessible City transport works continue with a fairly contentious design proposed for the Victoria St corridor from Bealey Ave to Kilmore/Durham. As has typically been the case lately, there are good improvements planned for cycling as part of it, and even the little details look quite good… The main thrust of the

  • Photo of the Day: Central City 30km/h

    Photo of the Day: Central City 30km/h2

    The last two weeks have been a little bit frustrating as we have been trying to get our website onto a new site and make a few layout changes as well. There’s still some layout tweaks to go, but at least we’re live again! The last two weeks may have also been interesting for those of you who ride in central Christchurch, thanks to the latest addition:

  • Cycling Activities for March 2016

    Cycling Activities for March 20160

    Autumn may have officially started, but after February’s biking bonanza, there’s still plenty of cycling to be had this month. Here’s a run-down of some events that you might like to enjoy in March: After last month’s successful get-together, Wheel Womyn Wednesdays returns on Wed 9th Mar, 6pm at the RAD Bikes shed in The

  • Rapanui / Shag Rock Cycleway Alternate Route Consultation

    Rapanui / Shag Rock Cycleway Alternate Route Consultation1

    Late last year we presented details about the consultations for the Papanui Parallel and Rapanui / Shag Rock cycleway projects. The good news is that Council’s Infrastructure Committee has now approved them for final design and construction, albeit with a few concessions to concerned locals. However one section is being reviewed again, and your feedback

  • More Uni-Cycle consultation in Ilam

    More Uni-Cycle consultation in Ilam7

    The Major Cycleways programme continues with the public consultation for the final part of the Uni-Cycle route, from Riccarton Bush to the University of Canterbury’s Dovedale campus. The proposed 3km route is an interesting mix of all types of cycleways; neighbourhood greenways, shared paths, and separated bikeways. Let’s have a look along the route, heading

  • Cycling Postcards from Australia

    Cycling Postcards from Australia7

    Last week I returned from a 10-day family holiday to the east coast of Australia, travelling around between Brisbane and Sydney. Being on holiday (and doing most of the driving), I didn’t take too many cycling-related pictures (see a few below), but nevertheless I was able to get another useful look at how Australian towns

  • Flashback: Cycling in Copenhagen

    Flashback: Cycling in Copenhagen1

    I’ve been lucky to get to visit many interesting places overseas and have dutifully reported about these back here on Cycling in Chch. But there have also been places visited before CiC started that might be of interest to readers (especially if they have ideas we might like to try here). With that in mind,

  • Papanui Parallel Cycleway Consultation

    Papanui Parallel Cycleway Consultation5

    UPDATE: Another option has been added in at the south end and the closing date for submissions has been extended to Mon 14th December. Another week, another Major Cycleway consultation, it really is all on at the moment. The latest cycleway to be unveiled takes us north of the city – and it’s quite a



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