• Guest Post: On-road cycle lanes

    Guest Post: On-road cycle lanes2

    Here’s a guest post from Darren who’s been thinking about his regular commute: There’s an ongoing debate around the world regarding delineation of modes: Separate different types and speeds of travellers (think: footpaths, separated cycleways, medians, rail corridors, with signal-controlled intersections where they intersect)  Mixing all travellers together (think: shared spaces, slow neighbourhood streets, Cashel

  • Photo of the Day: Central City Sharrows

    Photo of the Day: Central City Sharrows9

    The rebuild continues apace in the central city, and that includes the Accessible City transport plans. While some of that includes separated cycle facilities like those seen on Tuam St and south Colombo St, other parts rely on traffic-calmed (30 km/h) shared streets to get around by bike. So it was interesting to see these

  • Photo of the Day: Hook Turn Signs

    Photo of the Day: Hook Turn Signs4

    Although we’ve had hook turn boxes at intersections in Christchurch for a few years, it may not always be obvious on approach that they’re there for your use. So a new advance information sign has now been approved in New Zealand, and the first ones have shown up in downtown Christchurch: The new signs show

  • First Look: Wigram-Magdala Overbridge

    First Look: Wigram-Magdala Overbridge5

    A few weeks back, guest blogger Robert reported on his observations near the Wigram-Magdala overbridge under construction. The official completion date was given as October. So it was a pleasant surprise to all to find that the new overbridge from Magdala Place (and Birmingham/Annex) to Wigram Rd opened this weekend. While that will no doubt

  • Cycling Road Rules getting a shake-up

    Cycling Road Rules getting a shake-up18

    Many of the current road transport regulations in place in New Zealand were drafted really only with motor vehicles in mind; trying to apply them to cycles as well doesn’t always make sense. New developments in cycling network design also require changes to be made to the existing legislation to reflect their usage (e.g. did

  • Another look at Auckland: Shared Paths

    Another look at Auckland: Shared Paths2

    I talked a few weeks ago about the latest cycling developments up in the City of Sails, aka Auckland. One more issue that they are still grappling with, particularly as cycle numbers boom up there, is the heavy use of shared pathways for walking, cycling and any other “active travellers”. Many existing shared pathways were

  • Photo of the Day: Auckland Pathways

    Photo of the Day: Auckland Pathways9

    If you’ve been wondering about the “radio silence” lately, it’s because I’ve been up in Auckland since Sunday attending the IPENZ Transportation Conference. Lots of interesting presentations that I can report on later, but I also took the opportunity to have a good look around the central city and see what they’ve been up to

  • Photo(s) of the Day: Worcester Boulevard

    Photo(s) of the Day: Worcester Boulevard6

    Today’s photo is actually a before-and-after of what could be: Worcester Boulevard is a great central city connection between Cathedral Square and Hagley Park via the City Council, Art Gallery, Arts Centre, and so on. It’s very popular for pedestrians, but through-traffic has been discouraged along the route by making it alternating one-way directions that

  • Cycling Postcards from Australia

    Cycling Postcards from Australia7

    Last week I returned from a 10-day family holiday to the east coast of Australia, travelling around between Brisbane and Sydney. Being on holiday (and doing most of the driving), I didn’t take too many cycling-related pictures (see a few below), but nevertheless I was able to get another useful look at how Australian towns

  • Photo of the Day: Matai Cycleway Rail Crossing

    Photo of the Day: Matai Cycleway Rail Crossing9

    It’s great to see the new Matai St East cycleway, now mirroring the older cycleway on Matai St West. As you heard recently, already it looks like it is a popular route for cyclists. But perhaps the price of that popularity has been the recent erection of a new sign at the pinch-point in the

  • Flashback: Cycling in Copenhagen

    Flashback: Cycling in Copenhagen1

    I’ve been lucky to get to visit many interesting places overseas and have dutifully reported about these back here on Cycling in Chch. But there have also been places visited before CiC started that might be of interest to readers (especially if they have ideas we might like to try here). With that in mind,

  • Cycling and the Law: Where can you Ride your Bike?

    Cycling and the Law: Where can you Ride your Bike?4

    Having previously covered the innocuous legal question of what exactly constitutes a bike, we’ll now turn our attention to where exactly you can ride your bike (and some of the implications of that). Before we get too far into that, it’s helpful to understand two key definitions in NZ legislation: A “road” has a very



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