• How dangerous is cycling in New Zealand?

    How dangerous is cycling in New Zealand?0

    Auckland researchers Michael Chieng, Hakkan Lai and Alistair Woodward have compared the risk of cycling with other common activities and found it to be relatively safe, so ask the good question ‘why is it perceived to be so dangerous’? The full paper can be found here and another perspective from Otago Uni public health expert Kate Sloane here. Their abstract is:

  • New cycling research causes a flurry

    New cycling research causes a flurry7

    Three interesting research reports about cycling have just been publicly released by the NZ Transport Agency and already they’re causing a bit of a stir around cycling circles (and elsewhere…). We previously alluded to these pieces of work being underway, and their findings have some interesting implications for cycling policy in New Zealand. {disclosure: I

  • Seminar on Energy & Transport Thursday

    Seminar on Energy & Transport Thursday0

    Simon Kingham and Steven Muir are presenting a seminar this Thursday 6th October at Knox Church Hall (Bealey Ave) 5:30 pm (cuppa from 5) as part a a series of 4 talks called ‘reverse greed, heal the earth’. Banking and finance, water & food are the other topics. lots of interesting subjects will be covered

  • Cycling Road Rules getting a shake-up

    Cycling Road Rules getting a shake-up18

    Many of the current road transport regulations in place in New Zealand were drafted really only with motor vehicles in mind; trying to apply them to cycles as well doesn’t always make sense. New developments in cycling network design also require changes to be made to the existing legislation to reflect their usage (e.g. did

  • Highlights from #2WALKandCYCLE Conference Auckland

    Highlights from #2WALKandCYCLE Conference Auckland3

    As mentioned recently, I attended the 2WALKand CYCLE Conference in Auckland last week. About 260 people took part and there were over 90 different presentations, which are now available on the website (some also have papers as well). If you missed keynote speaker Gil Penalosa, who also spoke in Christchurch last week, you can check

  • First Count Data for New Cycleways

    First Count Data for New Cycleways4

    If you build it, will they come? That’s the question hanging over many new cycleway projects proposed in New Zealand. And when you’re talking about spending over $150 million on cycleways in Christchurch, quite a few people are interested in whether new cycle facilities will increase cycling numbers. The City Council’s first efforts to answer

  • Mythbusting: The business benefits of bikeways

    Mythbusting: The business benefits of bikeways10

    With the new Major Cycleways coming to Christchurch, a major trade-off in many locations will be the removal of on-street car-parking (either on one side or both) to provide enough space for separated bikeways. Already we are seeing some concerns being raised in both the Rapanui – Shag Rock and Papanui Parallel cycleway proposals about

  • Why Traffic Speed Matters for Walking and Cycling

    Why Traffic Speed Matters for Walking and Cycling6

    In my overviews of looking around Europe, I noted that lower speed limits were prevalent virtually everywhere I went. Yet, in New Zealand we are still only taking a few hesitant baby steps towards similar environments. There are a lot of benefits of lower speeds for transport and society in general; if you want to

  • Feedback Needed: Dyers Pass Rd Cycling Survey

    Feedback Needed: Dyers Pass Rd Cycling Survey4

    Thanks for all your feedback! This survey has now closed. Following on from recent discussions with the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board (and partly spurred on by the recent Alex Mann case), it looks like a workshop will be organised with key stakeholders to discuss issues and potential solutions for cycling on Dyers Pass Rd. To help

  • Cycling in Nantes and #VeloCity2015 Conference

    Cycling in Nantes and #VeloCity2015 Conference3

    After the highs of a month in the Netherlands, I still had another month to check out some of the “lesser lights” of European cycling (which, compared with New Zealand, invariably still means better than most of us…). The next stop after Enschede was a train ride to the Atlantic French city of Nantes, where

  • Show me the money – The Economics of Cycleways

    Show me the money – The Economics of Cycleways9

    Spending any significant sum of money by the City Council tends to attract the scrutiny of some ratepayers, especially if they’re dubious about the benefits to be gleaned from the investment. We’ve seen some of that with the planned expenditure on a convention centre and new stadium for example. Some people have also been questioning

  • Christchurch Home of NZ Cycling Champion

    Christchurch Home of NZ Cycling Champion1

    Guest blog by Axel Wilke Glen Koorey – Cycle Champion The national Cycle Friendly Awards were first held in 2003, and since 2007, the category “Cycling Champion of the Year” has been awarded. In 2014, Dr Glen Koorey of Christchurch was the recipient of the Cycling Champion category. Glen’s passion is helping achieve a more



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