• New cycle training park in Bexley?

    New cycle training park in Bexley?0

    • 13 June 2013

    We’ve previously mentioned the fantastic bike park at Westburn Reserve where young new riders can try out their wheels on a mock street layout, complete with traffic signs and markings. Now it appears there are plans afoot to repeat the dose on the other side of town. Late last year, the City Council consulted on

  • First Look: Southern Motorway Cycleway (Pt.1)

    First Look: Southern Motorway Cycleway (Pt.1)6

    • 20 March 2013

    Back in December you might recall that the Chch Southern Motorway extension was opened to traffic (in fact we even got to bike on it before the traffic got to use it). As part of the works a new cycling route was also constructed. There was still a little bit of work to do, but

  • Journey magazine – Inspiring Riding

    Journey magazine – Inspiring Riding0

    • 2 March 2013

    If you need something to help inspire you for your next ride, whether it’s a commute to work or a big cross-country tour, then a new local magazine might be just the thing. The first issue of Journey, by a Wellington/Nelson-based trio of cycle-mad entrepreneurs who go by the name Inspiring Riding, is about to

  • Hidden Treasures: Kendal School Bike Track

    Hidden Treasures: Kendal School Bike Track0

    • 2 December 2012

    Tucked away in northwest Christchurch is a unique cycle facility that could be the model for others in the city. Kendal School, a small primary school in Burnside, has constructed a 600m cycle track around its periphery. This provides its pupils with a fantastic facility to use during the school day. And outside of school

  • Bike the New Motorway – Sat 17th November

    Bike the New Motorway – Sat 17th November2

    • 14 November 2012

    Whatever your opinion of the Roads of National (Party) Significance (RoNS), they’re here for now and steady progress has been made locally on the Christchurch Southern Motorway project. The new section of motorway west of Curletts Rd will be open to motor traffic in a few weeks, but walkers and bike riders will get a

  • Spring River Festival – Labour Weekend

    Spring River Festival – Labour Weekend0

    • 18 October 2012

    Looking for something to do this weekend? How about getting along and enjoying what the lower Avon River has to offer! 2012 is the inaugural year of the Spring River Festival to be held this Labour weekend all along the lower Avon corridor, estuary and beaches. A wide range of activities will be held to

  • Chch Tweed Ride – Sat 29th Sep

    Chch Tweed Ride – Sat 29th Sep2

    • 26 September 2012

    OK all you retro-philes in Christchurch! The Christchurch Tweed Riders have a ride coming up on Saturday 29th of September. The riders are meeting at the Birdlings Flat turn-off on SH75 at 11am, riding leisurely along the Railtrail to Little River, partaking of tea and cakes and some hijinks at Little River, riding back to

  • Fun out on the Plains & into the Mountains …0

    • 26 June 2012

    A very good friend of mine who also happens to be a keen and outrageously fit cyclist  AND a very entertaining writer posted this (true) story of a trip he did one day out to Darfield and beyond by bike so he could watch a friend jump off the top of Mt Torlesse. Have a



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