• First look: Christchurch cycleways underway

    First look: Christchurch cycleways underway2

    • 19 January 2017

    Over this summer, there’s a lot of Major Cycleway action happening around Christchurch. Many of the cycleways won’t be completed until March-May, but already there are significant signs of progress – and even completed bits to ride on. Let’s have a look at how some of them are doing (note: these photos were actually taken

  • Photo of the Day: Quake City Biking

    Photo of the Day: Quake City Biking0

    • 25 November 2016

    The recent shaky events not too far north of us remind us all of our own darkest days back in 2010-11. The graphic and thought-provoking details of the city’s earthquakes are well captured in the Quake City exhibit in Cashel Mall, which I only visited for the first time about a month ago. It’s well

  • Guest Photo of the Day: Helmores Lane Bridge

    Guest Photo of the Day: Helmores Lane Bridge1

    • 29 September 2016

    Regular contributor Robert has provided today’s photo – we welcome other photographic contributions! With all the focus on the Major Cycleways, sometimes it’s easy to forget the little wins. Most people’s cycle journeys will extend beyond a fancy cycleway and so the connecting local routes are just as important to join the dots – especially

  • Guest Post: Cycling North East Chch: Part One – The Pros

    Guest Post: Cycling North East Chch: Part One – The Pros0

    • 13 October 2015

    Our regular guest writer Robert has been doing some more exploring in his part of the city: There is plenty to like about jumping on the bike and exploring the NE quadrant of the city, the suburbs of Shirley, Mairehau, Burwood, North Shore, Parklands, Marshland, North New Brighton, Avonside, Dallington and Wainoni. For starters, the

  • Inside the new Bus Interchange – What’s in it for Cycling

    Inside the new Bus Interchange – What’s in it for Cycling0

    • 2 October 2015

    While it’s been partially open for a few months now, with the second stage of the new Christchurch Bus Interchange now completed, it seems timely to have a look at it and see how it works for cycling (we’ll look at the surrounding cycleways in a future post). Let’s start with the interchange itself. As

  • More cycleway progress around town

    More cycleway progress around town4

    • 10 September 2015

    I’m continuing to slowly get around more of the city after my return from Europe, and see how our cycling network is progressing. Last weekend I went on a bit of a tour to check out a few recent developments on the northern side of the city. First stop was the newly repaired Gayhurst Rd

  • Return to Chch: We cross Live now to our Papanui/St Albans correspondent

    Return to Chch: We cross Live now to our Papanui/St Albans correspondent4

    • 28 July 2015

    Here’s another guest report from northern local Robert, regarding the Papanui Parallel Cycleway: So, as outlined in Lennyboy’s blogpost, there is certainly activity in the City Centre and west to the University for our long promised cycleway infrastructure already providing a morale boost to those enthusiastically waiting for the benefits. If you can tolerate a bit

  • It’s Not Just Infrastructure Stupid Part 2 – Bridges

    It’s Not Just Infrastructure Stupid Part 2 – Bridges1

    • 4 May 2015

    This is the second in an occasional series of posts on cycling related matters. See Part One here. Some of the same issues then are repeated. While it is about infrastructure, it reflects on an underlying culture of staff employed to carry out the rebuild. This time it is about bridges. 1) Antigua St Bridge was

  • Guest Post: Antigua Footbridge Opening (and more to come)

    Guest Post: Antigua Footbridge Opening (and more to come)3

    • 4 May 2015

    Here’s another guest post from regular blogger Robert: Like Steve Muir, I too braved the cool southerly to witness the opening of the Antigua foot (and bike) bridge at 7.30am last Thursday morning. By looking at the City Council link and reading Steve’s story, little more needs to be said other than to share the

  • Antigua Street Bridge is Open

    Antigua Street Bridge is Open1

    • 30 April 2015

    A chilly Southerly greeted everyone who turned up for the grand opening of the Antigua Street Bridge which has been a long awaited missing link for pedestrians and cyclists from the South to the North of the city. The surface is quite different from the previous one with its juddery wooden boards and raised walkways at

  • Central City Cycling: Something Old, Something New

    Central City Cycling: Something Old, Something New3

    • 27 April 2015

    This week there are two things happening that might be of interest if you are a regular rider in the central city: The repairs to the earthquake damaged Antigua Street Footbridge repairs are almost finished and it will be opening again this week. For the many people who used to regularly use this key walking/biking

  • New cycle facilities at Gayhurst bridge

    New cycle facilities at Gayhurst bridge3

    • 19 April 2015

    A little project that has slipped under the radar somewhat has been the repair to the Gayhurst Rd Bridge in Avonside/Dallington. With the bridge due to reopen to traffic again mid-year, some interesting work is proposed on the approach roads. This is an interim scheme until more is known about developments in the adjacent Red



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