• Northern Line Cycleway consultation

    Northern Line Cycleway consultation1

    • 10 November 2016

    Hot on the heels of the Quarryman’s Trail cycleway consultation, another Major Cycle Route is also currently seeking public feedback. The Northern Line cycleway will take the existing much-loved Railway Cycleway and extend it further north and south, all the way from Addington to Northwood. Essentially there are three main bits to this consultation: An

  • Hidden Treasures: Chch Northern Railway Cycleway

    Hidden Treasures: Chch Northern Railway Cycleway5

    • 18 October 2016

    Long before the Major Cycleways were even a consideration, the Railway Cycleway was Christchurch’s original separated cycleway. Following the northern rail corridor, it provides an almost uninterrupted riding experience from Riccarton to Northcote. The Christchurch Railway Cycleway was developed in stages, with the northern sections the first to appear. Slowly the route headed south towards

  • Photo of the Day: Matai Cycleway Rail Crossing

    Photo of the Day: Matai Cycleway Rail Crossing9

    • 24 January 2016

    It’s great to see the new Matai St East cycleway, now mirroring the older cycleway on Matai St West. As you heard recently, already it looks like it is a popular route for cyclists. But perhaps the price of that popularity has been the recent erection of a new sign at the pinch-point in the

  • Election Promises for Cycling – How do they Compare?

    Election Promises for Cycling – How do they Compare?2

    • 13 September 2014

    We’re only one week away now from the next General Election. For some (like my wife), they can’t wait until it’s all over; for others (like me), I still feel like I’m waiting for the actual substance of policy debate to begin. (but since when has that ever been a priority with modern-day media…) So

  • Clever Cycling Stuff: Cycle Detectors

    Clever Cycling Stuff: Cycle Detectors8

    • 11 January 2013

    We showcase a lot of neat overseas cycling facilities here on this site, but Christchurch has actually developed some pretty world-beating stuff itself over the years. Exhibit #1: cycle detectors at signalised path crossings: As a cyclist approaching a signalised crossing, the traditional approach is to treat it like a pedestrian crossing: push a button



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