• Solutions to traffic queues

    Solutions to traffic queues0

    • 17 March 2017

    I was impressed with this image from a story on Aucklands traffic congestion which suggested Aucklanders spend 4 weeks a year stuck in traffic. It’s a great perspective with the queued traffic snarling to a standstill while the lone cyclist has plenty of space to zoom along having a great time. I do have to

  • Highlights from #2WALKandCYCLE Conference Auckland

    Highlights from #2WALKandCYCLE Conference Auckland3

    • 15 July 2016

    As mentioned recently, I attended the 2WALKand CYCLE Conference in Auckland last week. About 260 people took part and there were over 90 different presentations, which are now available on the website (some also have papers as well). If you missed keynote speaker Gil Penalosa, who also spoke in Christchurch last week, you can check

  • Who’s Who for Cycling in Christchurch?

    Who’s Who for Cycling in Christchurch?0

    • 27 June 2016

    In a relatively short period of time, it seems that a number of people and groups in Christchurch have sprung up to help encourage everyday cycling in some way. This was brought home to me a month or so back when I was trying to explain to someone from out of Christchurch all of the

  • Bike to the Future Awards now open

    Bike to the Future Awards now open0

    • 15 May 2016

    It’s nearly time to honour some of the best initiatives for cycling around the country. In previous years, the Cycling Action Network have held their Cycle-Friendly Awards to celebrate great cycling efforts. This year, the NZ Transport Agency have joined the party and rebranded the exercise as the Bike to the Future Awards, and nominations

  • What are your current Chch cycle safety concerns?

    What are your current Chch cycle safety concerns?19

    • 26 April 2016

    I’ve been involved in a few recent discussions with the City Council about current cycle safety issues in the city; it is of course an ongoing issue in the city. To help inform me, I thought I’d have a look at some recent crash data, and I figured that many readers might also be interested

  • Isabelle (necessary on a bicycle?)

    Isabelle (necessary on a bicycle?)12

    • 18 March 2016

    An interesting initiative is being considered by the Christchurch City Council. Following a deputation to a Community Board by a dog walker, the Council has agreed to to promote and encourage the use of bells on bicycles. The concern is that, as cycling gets more popular with the development of the Major Cycleways, there will

  • Cycling Activities for February 2016

    Cycling Activities for February 20164

    • 5 February 2016

    [Updated event details, 6 Feb] Summer is warming up, and so are the fun activities out there for you on your bike! So here’s a run-down of some of the events coming up that you might like to mark in your diary (the details for some of them are still being finalised). Unless stated, they

  • Where are your Favourite Places to Cycle?

    Where are your Favourite Places to Cycle?2

    • 5 January 2016

    It’s summer time and people are out enjoying the warmer weather in many ways (when the rain goes away…), including on their bikes. Maybe you’ve been able to try out some of the great places for cycling around Christchurch, or maybe you’ve headed away and tested out a few cycling routes elsewhere in the country?

  • Finding out about Cycling Events/Activities

    Finding out about Cycling Events/Activities0

    • 28 August 2015

    With spring just around the corner, the number of fun cycling things to do is starting to creep up – recall the wonderful variety of things to choose from last summer and autumn. So, with that in mind, here at Cycling in Christchurch we have started a new feature – a Cycling Events/Activities calendar. This

  • What the Alex Mann case has taught us

    What the Alex Mann case has taught us3

    • 3 July 2015

    It was fascinating to watch the furore erupt regarding Alex Mann’s conviction for impeding traffic while cycling on Dyers Pass Rd. Only two weeks ago, this was all over social media (and was easily our most viewed blogpost in a long time). Invariably these kind of news stories turn into a “cyclists vs motorists” free-for-all

  • More Cycling Happenings in April

    More Cycling Happenings in April0

    • 11 April 2015

    As autumn starts to kick in around Christchurch, I hope you’re still finding plenty of reasons to get out and about on your bike (and there are always ways and means to work around it being cold or wet). In case you need a bit more inspiration; here are a few more bike-themed events coming

  • A successful “CAN Do” Weekend

    A successful “CAN Do” Weekend4

    • 29 March 2015

    As another weekend comes to an end, for about 30 people it’s also the end of another rewarding “CAN Do” National Cycling Summit here in Christchurch. Based at the new Whareora building at CPIT, the delegates were treated to a wide variety of speakers and ideas presented. The programme for the weekend kicked off with



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