• Hagley/Hospital street works so far

    Hagley/Hospital street works so far9

    Late last year we introduced you to the planned first central city transport works happening around Hagley Park and Hospital Corner. Just before Christmas, the diggers started work and have now largely completed the first phase and moved onto parts of the works further into the central city. So it seems an appropriate time to

  • It’s Not Just About Cricket

    It’s Not Just About Cricket4

    The cricket ODI World Cup is under way, see the advisory issued by Transport for Chch… http://www.tfc.govt.nz/icc-cricket-world-cup-2015-game-days-dont-get-caught-out/ for people wishing to travel in the area. Note the car-centric bias it has. During the opening ceremony on Thursday some of the paths across North Hagley Park were closed. Nothing was mentioned about it in the advisory.

  • It’s Not Just Infrastructure Stupid – Part 1

    It’s Not Just Infrastructure Stupid – Part 18

    In recent times a lot has been said about trying to encourage more people to walk and cycle instead of using motor vehicles. One obvious way to do it is to build better infrastructure. But is that enough? Is there something else needed? As person who rides a bike everywhere I often come across examples

  • Hidden Treasures: Riccarton Bush pathway

    Hidden Treasures: Riccarton Bush pathway0

    A couple of weeks back I encountered two separate people who did not know about the cunning little short-cut through Riccarton Bush when heading from town out towards Ilam. Perhaps not too surprising, as it’s not that obvious from either end, so I thought I’d mention it here (and some of its quirks…). Plus the

  • Exciting Plans for New Mountain Bike Adventure Park

    Exciting Plans for New Mountain Bike Adventure Park6

    Some very interesting news recently with plans for a mountainbike adventure park right on our back-door in the Port Hills near Cashmere. Developers Select Evolution have submitted a resource consent for a 350 hectare park with a variety of outdoor activities in the hills off Worsleys Rd. The $22 million proposal is to establish and

  • More messy pathways in winter

    More messy pathways in winter4

    At this time of year, I’m not a big fan of cycling through our reserves like Hagley Park. As I go along the various paths, I can only conclude that the parks management staff really don’t understand the role of paths as all-weather transport links in the same way that their roading brethren do. It



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