• Flashback: Portland Neighbourhood Greenways

    Flashback: Portland Neighbourhood Greenways3

    • 21 August 2016

    A number of the recent proposed Major Cycleways are using “neighbourhood greenway” treatments, including Rapanui/Shag Rock, Papanui Parallel, and Uni-Cycle. Most people understand the concepts of separated cycleways and shared paths that are being used for many other Major Cycleway sections. But what exactly is a neighbourhood greenway (NG) and how does it work? We’ve

  • Guest Post: Sunshine on St Albans

    Guest Post: Sunshine on St Albans1

    • 15 February 2016

    Regular correspondent Robert has been sounding out the locals about cycleways… Over the past few weeks I have attended several meetings in my local area as part of the consultation process for the proposed Papanui Parallel Cycleway (NB: being discussed by Council’s Infrastructure Committee this Tuesday). This will allow a mostly separated pathway to take

  • Papanui Parallel Cycleway Consultation

    Papanui Parallel Cycleway Consultation5

    • 20 November 2015

    UPDATE: Another option has been added in at the south end and the closing date for submissions has been extended to Mon 14th December. Another week, another Major Cycleway consultation, it really is all on at the moment. The latest cycleway to be unveiled takes us north of the city – and it’s quite a

  • Sumner central village street improvements

    Sumner central village street improvements0

    • 9 November 2015

    The projects just keep on coming at present; over in Sumner some new work is also planned for the main street into the village. But you’ve only got another week before submissions are due… The proposed enhancements to Marriner St W and Wakefield Ave arise from the Council’s previously approved Sumner Village Master Plan. This

  • Guest Post: Cycling North East Chch: Part Two – What Could Be

    Guest Post: Cycling North East Chch: Part Two – What Could Be2

    • 4 November 2015

    Guest blogger Robert is back with further ideas for cycling in his neighbourhood: Perhaps it is wishful thinking but I hope one day there will be a press release from Christchurch City Council which goes something like …… ‘Major Cycleways for Christchurch – 13 are just the beginning‘ OK, not for a while yet but,

  • What can Christchurch learn from The Netherlands?

    What can Christchurch learn from The Netherlands?11

    • 30 June 2015

    Having had a month ranging far and wide around The Netherlands (and a month since to reflect), I think I’m starting to see some common trends emerging in terms of what makes the Dutch get on their bikes so much more than us (or indeed, almost anyone on the world). After showing you the sights

  • Greens want more Walking & Cycling to School

    Greens want more Walking & Cycling to School0

    • 14 March 2014

    OK, that headline probably isn’t that surprising. But, now that we’re officially into election mode, the Green Party has fired the first salvo in the transport arena by targeting the trip to school. Their “Safe Walking and Cycling to School” policy is asking why half of New Zealand’s kids cycled or walked to school 25

  • Bicycling in the ‘Hood: Do-able or Dangerous?

    Bicycling in the ‘Hood: Do-able or Dangerous?2

    • 28 February 2014

    Here’s another guest post from regular contributor Robert: The anticipation and high expectation of better things for the everyday cycle-person in post-quake Christchurch is palpable right now. Rightly so – news of the 13 cycleways to be developed soon is frequently reported in the media and via PR releases. . Naming the routes will perhaps

  • Time for a Ciclovía in Christchurch?

    Time for a Ciclovía in Christchurch?8

    • 21 April 2013

    Encouraging cycling is more than just building infrastructure, and one way is to create events that encourage people to get on their bikes and enjoy the freedom and fun that is cycling. Around the world, many places have embraced this by holding regular “traffic-free streets” events where people can walk, bike, scoot, skate, or whatever,

  • The 1000-Day Challenge

    The 1000-Day Challenge4

    • 25 November 2012

    The draft Transport Plan for central Christchurch has attracted a lot of comment both positive and negative about its impact on cycling. Now the Council’s Chch Transport Strategic Plan has just been finalised too, setting a city-wide 30-year vision for transport in Christchurch that also appears quite cycle-friendly. Probably one of the biggest concerns is

  • Eastern Visions

    Eastern Visions0

    • 30 August 2012

    With all the fuss recently about proposed plans for the Central City, many people have quite rightly asked what about plans for east Christchurch where much of the worst quake damage occurred. There is a lot of infrastructure (including many people’s homes) still to be repaired on this side of town, and it’s certainly not

  • Cycling Missing in the Neighbourhoods

    Cycling Missing in the Neighbourhoods0

    • 24 July 2012

    “Suburban Nation – The Rise of Sprawl and the Decline of the American Dream” Andres Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk, and Jeff Speck 10th Anniversary Edition North Point Press 2010 Suburban Nation is three architects’ vision for how our burgeoning population can be housed more efficiently, humanely and sustainably. Much of what they have to offer is



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