• Solutions to traffic queues

    Solutions to traffic queues0

    • 17 March 2017

    I was impressed with this image from a story on Aucklands traffic congestion which suggested Aucklanders spend 4 weeks a year stuck in traffic. It’s a great perspective with the queued traffic snarling to a standstill while the lone cyclist has plenty of space to zoom along having a great time. I do have to

  • Why Traffic Speed Matters for Walking and Cycling

    Why Traffic Speed Matters for Walking and Cycling6

    • 19 October 2015

    In my overviews of looking around Europe, I noted that lower speed limits were prevalent virtually everywhere I went. Yet, in New Zealand we are still only taking a few hesitant baby steps towards similar environments. There are a lot of benefits of lower speeds for transport and society in general; if you want to

  • How to Deal with Cycling on Social Media

    How to Deal with Cycling on Social Media3

    • 12 July 2015

    I have to admit: sometimes I can get a bit addicted when a big cycling issue pops up on a public social media site, such as Facebook, Stuff.co.nz, TradeMe Messageboard, and so on. Many of you know what it’s like: the ranting begins over a cycling topic (sometimes even when it seemed quite non-controversial) and

  • What the Alex Mann case has taught us

    What the Alex Mann case has taught us3

    • 3 July 2015

    It was fascinating to watch the furore erupt regarding Alex Mann’s conviction for impeding traffic while cycling on Dyers Pass Rd. Only two weeks ago, this was all over social media (and was easily our most viewed blogpost in a long time). Invariably these kind of news stories turn into a “cyclists vs motorists” free-for-all

  • Alex Mann fined for impeding traffic while cycling on Dyers Pass

    Alex Mann fined for impeding traffic while cycling on Dyers Pass3

    • 18 June 2015

    Here are facts as extracted from the police statement to the court and discussion with Alex Mann. Extract from the Police statement On 14th May Alex Mann was convicted in the District Court of impeding traffic while biking up Dyers Pass Road. The incident occurred on 2nd October 2014 at 1.35pm, just before the turnoff

  • Do the economics of Chch’s cycleways stack up?

    Do the economics of Chch’s cycleways stack up?0

    • 15 May 2015

    Earlier this year, we brought you information about the economic assessment done of the Major Cycleway Programme by external consultant transport modellers QTP. Although many conservative assumptions were made, the total benefits were still considerably higher than than the $160m costs, by a factor of at least 7:1 – 8:1. You may have seen an

  • Meanwhile, in cycling news back in Christchurch…

    Meanwhile, in cycling news back in Christchurch…3

    • 23 January 2015

    So while I’ve been trekking around the US, things have continued to tick on in Christchurch cycling-wise. Here is a quick summary of some of the recent items of note: It has been revealed that the expected costs of the Major Cycleways have more than doubled, from ~$68 million to ~$156 million. Truth be told,

  • Happy Cycling New Year – 2014 in review, 2015 in preview

    Happy Cycling New Year – 2014 in review, 2015 in preview2

    • 31 December 2014

    Another year ticks over and so, here at Cycling in Chch, it’s time to reflect on what has happened over the past year for cycling in the city and what’s to look forward to in the year to come. At this time last year, we were musing that the planning work might start to turn

  • CTV does Cycling

    CTV does Cycling4

    • 28 July 2014

    If you’re a regular viewer of CTV (Canterbury Television) you may have seen the News team recently do a series on transport options around Christchurch. CTV reporters followed various City Councillors on their commutes around the city using different modes, and discussed the pros and cons of each. This included reporter Marcus Gibbs biking home

  • Perceived Danger or Actual Danger?

    Perceived Danger or Actual Danger?10

    • 16 May 2014

    Following last month’s tragic cycling incident in Hillmorton, yesterday’s Press reports (on the front page no less) that the victim’s father is now too scared to ride himself. It’s perhaps an understandable reaction, although I wonder whether the real issue is the perceived safety of cycling rather than the actual safety. The morning after the

  • Guest Post: We Share the Road?

    Guest Post: We Share the Road?14

    • 6 May 2014

    Here’s a guest post from reader Dan Hanson: We Share the Road: A road safety campaign from CCC and NZTA I found myself doing a double take at the Springs Road/Main South Road intersection last week, at this perplexing billboard: The image caught me off guard, as I couldn’t imagine why a cyclist so close

  • A little plug for Spokes Canterbury

    A little plug for Spokes Canterbury0

    • 14 April 2014

    The recent local media coverage has been fairly comprehensive in discussing first the planned delays to completing the Major Cycleway network and then reaction to the tragic cycle death a couple of weeks ago. Through it all, you might have seen comment from Spokes Canterbury Chair Keith Turner, and I thought it was timely to



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