• A cycle-friendly hotel

    A cycle-friendly hotel2

    • 21 November 2016

    Being a cycle-friendly city means more than just providing some nice cycleways; all activities need to think about how they can support cycling in what they do. So it’s nice to see examples of businesses around Christchurch that have made the effort to incorporate biking. A few weeks ago, I had to travel across town

  • Mapping Christchurch’s Cycleways

    Mapping Christchurch’s Cycleways5

    • 21 February 2016

    As the cycleway programme springs into full bloom, more people are getting out on their bikes and exploring new parts of the city (at least, new by bike). So how do you know what the ever-changing cycle network looks like where you’re going? Fortunately Transport for Christchurch (TfC) are maintaining a great online map that

  • Top Tips for Starting Bike Commuting

    Top Tips for Starting Bike Commuting4

    • 11 September 2014

    Spring has finally made its return (well, officially at least), and for many that might mean thinking about starting (or returning to) biking to work, study, etc. We’ve posted various things over the years about cycle commuting and I thought it might be useful to collate here some quick top tips for getting the most

  • Feedback wanted: Is “Transport for Chch” useful for you?

    Feedback wanted: Is “Transport for Chch” useful for you?1

    • 18 April 2014

    One of the outcomes of the quakes has been a greater emphasis on collaboration by the various organisations involved in delivering transport facilities and services around Chch. Partly this has been driven by the significant upheavals in our transport patterns post-quake, firstly due to land-use shifts/changes and now with the never-ending street works and road

  • Cycling to Events

    Cycling to Events3

    • 7 December 2013

    As the golden weather starts to kick in, we’re also starting to see a lot more fun events to get to around Christchurch. But will you be able to ride your bike to them? And will there be some bike parking on hand when you get there? Last week, mailboxes all around the city received

  • Cycling to/from New Places

    Cycling to/from New Places6

    • 4 November 2013

    So, as I mentioned previously, I’ve just moved house and that means a new ride to work and other destinations. It can be a bit disorienting at first to work out the best way to/from each place. So how do you determine how to get there by bike? A map is a good place to start;

  • How to Get to Open Streets on Sunday

    How to Get to Open Streets on Sunday1

    • 12 July 2013

    {UPDATE: OpenStreets has now been postponed until SUN 29TH SEPTEMBER, due to anticipated weather conditions this weekend} The first Open Streets ciclovía in NZ is now only days away from happening in central Christchurch. A briefing occurred tonight for the many volunteers of the various activities planned for the day. As well as staffing the

  • Getting to the A&P Show by Bike

    Getting to the A&P Show by Bike3

    • 12 November 2012

    Canterbury Anniversary is this week and of course that means the Canterbury A&P Show is on this Wednesday to Friday. Anyone who has driven to The Show in previous years knows that it can be real hassle crawling along there and finding a park. So what about biking there? When providing information about transport to

  • Googling your Way around Town by Bike

    Googling your Way around Town by Bike7

    • 28 September 2012

    An interesting development was added to everybody’s favourite mapping service Google Maps in the past month. NZ’ers can now experience getting directions for cycling, which will make use of any handy cycling shortcuts such as off-road paths. Viewers can also see the location of any bike lanes, off-road paths (“trails”) or cycle-friendly streets. It’s easy



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