• Way out West – Are new developments cycle-friendly?

    Way out West – Are new developments cycle-friendly?7

    • 29 August 2016

    The growth in housing demand around Greater Christchurch has seen a lot of new subdivisions spring up, particularly on the periphery of the city. Areas that were farmland not too long ago are suddenly just another part of suburbia. We’ve seen how residential development has been done in places like Germany; so how do things

  • Can we put cyclists through Lyttelton Tunnel?

    Can we put cyclists through Lyttelton Tunnel?7

    • 14 August 2016

    A post currently doing the rounds on Facebook is once again raising the possibility of getting bikes through the Lyttelton Road Tunnel under their own steam. At present, the 52-year-old tunnel only allows bikes that are attached to the racks of the buses that go through. On the very odd occasion, people walking and cycling

  • Photo of the Day: Chch Adventure Park Progress

    Photo of the Day: Chch Adventure Park Progress0

    • 4 August 2016

    While we bemoan how long it takes to build things like a conference centre (or at least do something with the Cathedral…), it’s great to see that the exciting new mountain-bike adventure park in the Port Hills is continuing full steam ahead. Reports have been popping out about the project, as it tracks ahead of

  • New National Cycle Network Planning / Design Guidance

    New National Cycle Network Planning / Design Guidance1

    • 10 July 2016

    One of the important things announced at last week’s 2WALKand CYCLE Conference in Auckland was the public release of the NZ Transport Agency’s Cycling Network Guidance. This has been an exhaustive 18-month long project to develop and update national guidelines for planning and designing cycling facilities and networks (disclosure: my company ViaStrada was heavily involved

  • Bike to the Future Awards now open

    Bike to the Future Awards now open0

    • 15 May 2016

    It’s nearly time to honour some of the best initiatives for cycling around the country. In previous years, the Cycling Action Network have held their Cycle-Friendly Awards to celebrate great cycling efforts. This year, the NZ Transport Agency have joined the party and rebranded the exercise as the Bike to the Future Awards, and nominations

  • Have Your Say: Chch Annual Plan 2016-17

    Have Your Say: Chch Annual Plan 2016-171

    • 18 April 2016

    Every year the City Council reviews its intentions for what to spend its money on (and also how much it needs) in the form of its Annual Plan. Lurking in the background also is the ten-year Long-Term Plan (LTP) and this also gets reviewed regularly. This year, the Christchurch public get a chance to provide

  • Some more Cycling Projects on the go

    Some more Cycling Projects on the go6

    • 9 April 2016

    After all the planning and consultation, it’s always nice when a few cycling projects start to materialise in terms of shovels in the ground. A couple of recent projects are now starting to take shape around the city; while they’re underway though you might have to make alternative arrangements. Firstly, the improvements to the eastern

  • Progress on Cycle Safety Panel Recommendations

    Progress on Cycle Safety Panel Recommendations0

    • 22 September 2015

    There wasn’t a lot of fanfare, but just before last Christmas the final Cycle Safety Panel report was presented to the Government. You will recall that this came from the national group of experts convened by NZTA and the Ministry of Transport to make recommendations aimed at improving our relatively poor record in cycling safety

  • End of Tour: Reflections on Cycling in Europe

    End of Tour: Reflections on Cycling in Europe8

    • 6 September 2015

    So, two months after I actually returned home, we come to the end of the belated reports on my 3-month study tour of Europe. I finished with a couple of days in Frankfurt, Germany, before flying out, and I’ve included a few pictures in this post from wandering around the city. But mostly I want

  • Return to Christchurch: Cycling works underway

    Return to Christchurch: Cycling works underway3

    • 24 July 2015

    I’ve been back in Christchurch for a little over a fortnight, trying (unsuccessfully) to ward off various colds and bugs. There’s still a few more reports to come of my visits around Europe, but I’ve also managed to start looking around Christchurch to see what has been happening while I’ve been away. As reported previously,

  • Cycling projects underway around Christchurch

    Cycling projects underway around Christchurch5

    • 5 June 2015

    At times it can feel like nothing is ever getting done for cycling around Christchurch. Some of us have been used to that for years (no, decades…) but, now that so much has been promised post-quake, we’re like excited (and then frustrated) kids waiting for Christmas to show up. However, as the rebuild gets into

  • Antigua Street Bridge is Open

    Antigua Street Bridge is Open1

    • 30 April 2015

    A chilly Southerly greeted everyone who turned up for the grand opening of the Antigua Street Bridge which has been a long awaited missing link for pedestrians and cyclists from the South to the North of the city. The surface is quite different from the previous one with its juddery wooden boards and raised walkways at



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