• Guest Post: A Cycling Dogma

    Guest Post: A Cycling Dogma0

    • 22 May 2016

    Guest blogger Catherine shares some of her thoughts about the key factors that influence her daily choice to commute by bike: I developed a cycling dogma! It’s taken time to create, but here it is: Cycling offers me freedom like nothing else. Talk about being one with nature! You are part of nature when you

  • Zen and the Art of Cycling

    Zen and the Art of Cycling0

    • 16 February 2015

    Here’s a guest post from occasional contributor Robyn M.Speed – enjoy… I nailed that hill! It had been there waiting, patiently, quietly. No nagging. No taunting. Just waiting…for the day when I decided ‘I’ll have a crack at it and see how far up I get before I decide to turn around.’ So I did.

  • Riding Long Distances

    Riding Long Distances0

    • 1 January 2014

    When I told you the other week about the ride that my son and I took out to Sumner, I mentioned that we clocked up 30km on the trip. For some people relatively new to cycling, that might seem like a very long distance to ride. But, as I’ll explain, with good preparation you will

  • Cycling and Hills

    Cycling and Hills6

    • 8 November 2013

    So I’m in my new home now and it’s slightly up into the Port Hills. This means a speedy ride downhill at the start of the day, but a little bit of a climb at the end (only 400m of riding, mind you). It’s been ~15 years since I lived on a hill (in Wellington)

  • Biking – Easier on the Body

    Biking – Easier on the Body2

    • 26 October 2013

    I’ve had a few significant aches and pains lately (mostly self inflicted – don’t play football against your son’s team…) and have been feeling less mobile than normal. This was then exacerbated when I moved into my new house last week (more cycling thoughts about that in later posts). Exacerbated because this new house is

  • Guest Post: How did a 50-year-old get back into cycling?

    Guest Post: How did a 50-year-old get back into cycling?2

    • 30 July 2013

    Here’s another guest blog, this time by a recent convert to riding, Robyn M. Speed: I blame my son, Andy. It’s a bit unfair to blame him really, when it all came about because he crashed his bike on the Port Hills. Thankfully he was okay – multiple grazes and concussion, but no broken bones,

  • Book Review: Easy Rider – A Kiwi’s Guide to Cycling

    Book Review: Easy Rider – A Kiwi’s Guide to Cycling0

    • 29 December 2012

    by Jon Bridges (203pp., Penguin Books, Auckland, RRP $40) If you have Xmas book vouchers burning a hole in your pocket, here is one new book that you might like to get a hold of. Jon Bridges has been a feature of NZ media and comedy, from his days back on Away Laughing and Ice

  • Cycle paths – important for keeping our aging population fit and well?

    Cycle paths – important for keeping our aging population fit and well?1

    • 11 September 2012

    Separated cycle paths are an important part of a cycle network because they can help people get the cycling bug and to build their confidence to cycle and to manage in traffic. My mother (currently in her mid 70s)  had some major issues with her middle ear for a couple of years.  During that time



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