• Biking Activities for April 2017

    Biking Activities for April 20170

    • 6 April 2017

    Brrrr, suddenly the weather seems to be telling us that summer might truly be over! Fortunately there are still plenty of opportunities to get your biking fix, whether outside or in; hopefully the weather will oblige when necessary. We’ll summarise some of these below; as always you can keep an eye on the latest details

  • Stop Fining Healthy Transport Protest Ride

    Stop Fining Healthy Transport Protest Ride0

    • 14 March 2017

    The issue of NZ law requiring compulsory wearing of helmets seems to pop up every few months particularly when a yet another piece of evidence emerges that they cause a lot more harm than good to the health of society. If this is an issue you would like to see debated more seriously, there is

  • Biking activities for March 2017

    Biking activities for March 20171

    • 2 March 2017

    Is it still summer? The weather is holding out reasonably well, so let’s keep on biking! No doubt many of you took part in February’s Aotearoa Bike Challenge – make sure you get those last few rides logged online and then see if you’ve won any prizes. There’s more biking events coming up in March

  • Biking Activities for February 2017

    Biking Activities for February 20172

    • 1 February 2017

    Back to work, back to school, it must be February again! It also makes it Go By Bike month, that time of the year when the country celebrates biking for work and play. This year it’s all about the Aotearoa Bike Challenge, where organisations try to encourage as many staff members to hop on their

  • Sign up for the Aotearoa Bike Challenge

    Sign up for the Aotearoa Bike Challenge0

    • 22 January 2017

    As summer hots up (we hope…), we head towards that time of the year when cycling is celebrated across New Zealand. In the past, it was BikeWise that promoted Go By Bike Day and BikeWise Month during February; this year sees the launch of a new initiative, the Aotearoa Bike Challenge. So what’s it all

  • Cycling in Christchurch 2016 – The cycling city continues to build

    Cycling in Christchurch 2016 – The cycling city continues to build4

    • 30 December 2016

    “Rebuild” – that term seems to have been in the local lexicon ever since the 2010-11 Canterbury earthquakes. And yet, more than ever, 2016 really felt like a year when the rebuild really was in full swing across Christchurch. I’ve enjoyed watching the remarkably rapid pace in which new and improved bits of the city

  • Cycling Activities for Dec 2016

    Cycling Activities for Dec 20160

    • 30 November 2016

    Another year is drawing to a close, but there’s just enough time to take on a few more cycling events before we catch our breath. In fact, things are starting right from the first day of December… Remember to keep an eye on our Activities and Events Calendar for the latest updates on what’s happening.

  • Photo of the Day: Quake City Biking

    Photo of the Day: Quake City Biking0

    • 25 November 2016

    The recent shaky events not too far north of us remind us all of our own darkest days back in 2010-11. The graphic and thought-provoking details of the city’s earthquakes are well captured in the Quake City exhibit in Cashel Mall, which I only visited for the first time about a month ago. It’s well

  • Cycling Activities for November 2016

    Cycling Activities for November 20160

    • 2 November 2016

    As the days get warmer and longer, more excuses to get out on your bikes keep on coming. There are lots of interesting cycling events happening in November. Not all of them are completely finalised just yet, so make sure that you keep an eye on our Activities and Events Calendar for the latest info.

  • Cycling Activities for October 2016

    Cycling Activities for October 20160

    • 4 October 2016

    Another month, another post full of cycling activities! And with the weather starting to improve we’re seeing a few more opportunities to get out and about on your bikes. Below are some of the activities coming up (free unless stated otherwise); details are still being finalised for some of them, so keep an eye on

  • Seminar on Energy & Transport Thursday

    Seminar on Energy & Transport Thursday0

    • 3 October 2016

    Simon Kingham and Steven Muir are presenting a seminar this Thursday 6th October at Knox Church Hall (Bealey Ave) 5:30 pm (cuppa from 5) as part a a series of 4 talks called ‘reverse greed, heal the earth’. Banking and finance, water & food are the other topics. lots of interesting subjects will be covered

  • Cycling Activities for Sep 2016

    Cycling Activities for Sep 20163

    • 2 September 2016

    Yay, spring is here! Well, at least officially; let’s hope that the weather plays ball. Warmer weather means more opportunities to get back out on your bike, and there are a few ride activities below for that (or why not combine good drink and cycling on a Radler Guided Tour of Chch?). If your bike



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