• Do the economics of Chch’s cycleways stack up?

    Do the economics of Chch’s cycleways stack up?0

    Earlier this year, we brought you information about the economic assessment done of the Major Cycleway Programme by external consultant transport modellers QTP. Although many conservative assumptions were made, the total benefits were still considerably higher than than the $160m costs, by a factor of at least 7:1 – 8:1. You may have seen an

  • Last Chance to Have Your Say on Council Long-Term Plan

    Last Chance to Have Your Say on Council Long-Term Plan0

    It’s been out for a few weeks but you’ve only got a few days left to submit feedback on Christchurch City Council’s Long Term Plan. And it has some significant implications for cycling. What is the Long Term Plan? It’s a statutory document that all Councils must prepare/update on a regular basis that sets out

  • A successful “CAN Do” Weekend

    A successful “CAN Do” Weekend4

    As another weekend comes to an end, for about 30 people it’s also the end of another rewarding “CAN Do” National Cycling Summit here in Christchurch. Based at the new Whareora building at CPIT, the delegates were treated to a wide variety of speakers and ideas presented. The programme for the weekend kicked off with

  • Show me the money – The Economics of Cycleways

    Show me the money – The Economics of Cycleways9

    Spending any significant sum of money by the City Council tends to attract the scrutiny of some ratepayers, especially if they’re dubious about the benefits to be gleaned from the investment. We’ve seen some of that with the planned expenditure on a convention centre and new stadium for example. Some people have also been questioning

  • Meanwhile, in cycling news back in Christchurch…

    Meanwhile, in cycling news back in Christchurch…3

    So while I’ve been trekking around the US, things have continued to tick on in Christchurch cycling-wise. Here is a quick summary of some of the recent items of note: It has been revealed that the expected costs of the Major Cycleways have more than doubled, from ~$68 million to ~$156 million. Truth be told,

  • Highlights from #2walkandcycle Conference Nelson

    Highlights from #2walkandcycle Conference Nelson2

    Well I’m a few days back from Nelson, where an action-packed 2WALKandCYCLE Conference kept ~190 delegates engaged for three days last week. The term “action packed” might not sound right in the same sentence as “conference”, but it seems an apt description for an event that featured walking and cycling tours, interactive learnshops and poster



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