• Photo of the Day: Bus Bike Rack Practice

    Photo of the Day: Bus Bike Rack Practice0

    Bike racks on the front of buses are becoming a familiar sight around the city, particularly now that they are standard on all Metro services. I’m seeing a fairly steady level of usage on the buses travelling around town, but I also know that the idea of using the bike-racks is a bit daunting for

  • Bike and bus to the airport

    Bike and bus to the airport6

    In the past week I had to travel to Wellington twice, necessitating early starts to catch the 7.05am “red eye”. My wife needed the car (and that would have still cost $25/day for parking). I didn’t fancy paying $60 a pop for taxi rides to the airport (I suppose Uber would have been cheaper if

  • How Cycle-Friendly are our Local Body Candidates?

    How Cycle-Friendly are our Local Body Candidates?0

    Compared to the frenetic attention being paid in places like Auckland and Wellington, it may almost have escaped your notice that local government elections are currently underway in Christchurch as well, both at the City Council and Regional Council (not to forget the District Health Board either). Most of you should have received your voting

  • Inside the new Bus Interchange – What’s in it for Cycling

    Inside the new Bus Interchange – What’s in it for Cycling0

    While it’s been partially open for a few months now, with the second stage of the new Christchurch Bus Interchange now completed, it seems timely to have a look at it and see how it works for cycling (we’ll look at the surrounding cycleways in a future post). Let’s start with the interchange itself. As

  • Hidden Treasures: McLeans Forest

    Hidden Treasures: McLeans Forest4

    If you’re looking for a handy recreational riding getaway that doesn’t involve the climbs of the Port Hills and is do-able with the kids, then I suggest that you look at the McLeans Forest Park behind the airport (Bottle Lake Forest to the northeast would be the other recommendation). Part of Environment Canterbury’s Waimakariri Regional

  • Bus Bike Racks continue to grow

    Bus Bike Racks continue to grow0

    As many of you will have heard, various changes were made to Christchurch bus services in December. For example, we now have a network of high-frequency “orange/purple/yellow/blue line” services across the city. One relatively unheralded outcome of the new bus services is that we also now have 100% coverage of bike racks on buses around

  • Bikes and buses – starting to think about multimodalism

    Bikes and buses – starting to think about multimodalism4

    Great cities allow people to get around them in many different ways and to mix and match transport forms.  Christchurch already has some facilities that allow mixing and matching to happen, so I thought I’d reflect on this for a post or two – particularly with reference to the ways in which I see people

  • Advocacy and the Submission Context

    Advocacy and the Submission Context0

    My first ever submission was to the Regional Land Transport Plan sometime in 2009. I learned a huge amount from writing, submitting and then presenting in support of that submission. Mostly, I realised that my submission pretty much completely missed the mark and the Regional Transport Committee were not able to do anything with it

  • Canterbury Active Transport Forum – Wed 30th Apr

    Canterbury Active Transport Forum – Wed 30th Apr0

    Time again for another get-together of people interested in aspects of walking and cycling (aka: “active transport”) in Canterbury. The next Canterbury Active Transport (CAT) Forum will be held on Wednesday 30th April from 12.30-2.00pm at the Chch City Council Functions Room (1st floor of CCC Building, Hereford St). A light lunch will be provided

  • Todd Litman in Christchurch – May 13th

    Todd Litman in Christchurch – May 13th0

    Some exciting news – internationally renowned researcher and advocate for sustainable transport Todd Litman is visiting New Zealand next month. And he will be presenting a series of seminars in Christchurch on Monday May 13th, thanks to Healthy Christchurch, the Canterbury Active Transport Forum, and other local groups. I’ve been fortunate to know Todd personally

  • Bikes on Buses: Latest Stats

    Bikes on Buses: Latest Stats2

    Some months ago we told you about how you can combine your bus and bike trips for even greater flexibility, thanks to bike racks on most Christchurch urban bus services. Bike racks have been trialled in the city since late 2007 (the first in the country) and were made standard equipment on an increasing number

  • Canterbury Active Transport Forum – 14th Feb

    Canterbury Active Transport Forum – 14th Feb0

    It’s nearly Valentines Day again, and this year we’d like it to be VELOtines Day! The next Canterbury Active Transport (CAT) Forum, hosted by Environment Canterbury, will be held on Thursday 14th February and features a couple of interesting presentations. The CAT Forum was set up to encourage information sharing and cross-sector action in Canterbury



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