• What do Cyclists want?

    What do Cyclists want?2

    • 4 September 2012

    What do Cyclists want? It depends on who you ask. People have differing opinions on what they want, in part dependent upon their own skills and experience. While it is not at all clear just what improvements in cycling infrastructure we will really get with the rebuilding of Christchurch many of us are interested in

  • What if… cycling was (already) safer than driving? Wed 12th Sep

    What if… cycling was (already) safer than driving? Wed 12th Sep2

    • 3 September 2012

    The University of Canterbury has been running a series of “What If Wednesdays” public lectures, showcasing a number of thought-provoking and topical issues that its academics have been working on. As part of its Eco-Week for 2012, Prof Simon Kingham from the Dept of Geography will be presenting a seminar on Wed 12th Sept asking



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