• Mythbusting: “Hardly anyone cycles”

    Mythbusting: “Hardly anyone cycles”7

    • 6 March 2017

    Getting cycleways over the line in Christchurch (and the rest of New Zealand) has always been a difficult task, with various concerns about cost, car-parking, traffic restrictions, potential conflicts, you name it. It’s interesting to note though how often we still see someone complain that they don’t see the point because they “never” see any

  • First Count Data for New Cycleways

    First Count Data for New Cycleways4

    • 9 January 2016

    If you build it, will they come? That’s the question hanging over many new cycleway projects proposed in New Zealand. And when you’re talking about spending over $150 million on cycleways in Christchurch, quite a few people are interested in whether new cycle facilities will increase cycling numbers. The City Council’s first efforts to answer

  • Vienna: Cycling on the Rise

    Vienna: Cycling on the Rise2

    • 19 July 2015

    After the hustle-bustle of Velo-City in Nantes, I headed across the continent to the Danube and the Austrian capital of Vienna. With 1.8 million people, Vienna is a major European hub and also well known for its fabulous music and architecture. Probably it is not so well known for its cycling (although the Velo-City cycling

  • Bus Bike Racks continue to grow

    Bus Bike Racks continue to grow0

    • 10 January 2015

    As many of you will have heard, various changes were made to Christchurch bus services in December. For example, we now have a network of high-frequency “orange/purple/yellow/blue line” services across the city. One relatively unheralded outcome of the new bus services is that we also now have 100% coverage of bike racks on buses around

  • Greens want more Walking & Cycling to School

    Greens want more Walking & Cycling to School0

    • 14 March 2014

    OK, that headline probably isn’t that surprising. But, now that we’re officially into election mode, the Green Party has fired the first salvo in the transport arena by targeting the trip to school. Their “Safe Walking and Cycling to School” policy is asking why half of New Zealand’s kids cycled or walked to school 25

  • Census: Cycling on the Rise in Christchurch

    Census: Cycling on the Rise in Christchurch4

    • 21 January 2014

    Last year, the long-awaited national Census was finally held. Now we are starting to see some of the results in detail, including information about travel to work. The full detailed regional results across the country won’t be publicly available for another couple of weeks, but Christchurch City has obtained the detailed breakdown of Census stats

  • Christchurch’s Riskiest Intersections for Cycling?

    Christchurch’s Riskiest Intersections for Cycling?5

    • 15 April 2013

    Hot on the heels of the recent cycling fatalities in Christchurch, and with the potential for massive new investment in cycleways in Christchurch, The Press has come up with an “interesting” article looking at where the “riskiest” intersections for cycling are around the city. In principle their approach makes sense: first they obtained reported cycle

  • Bikes on Buses: Latest Stats

    Bikes on Buses: Latest Stats2

    • 10 April 2013

    Some months ago we told you about how you can combine your bus and bike trips for even greater flexibility, thanks to bike racks on most Christchurch urban bus services. Bike racks have been trialled in the city since late 2007 (the first in the country) and were made standard equipment on an increasing number

  • Census Day 2013 – Tue 5th March

    Census Day 2013 – Tue 5th March0

    • 3 March 2013

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ll know that this Tuesday 5th March is Census Day. Replacing the quake-postponed 2011 Census, this is when the Government collects a range of data from all NZ residents, relating to households, work, lifestyle, and so on. The data is very important to help plan for a

  • Are you “Interested but Concerned”?

    Are you “Interested but Concerned”?3

    • 6 November 2012

    When trying to encourage more people to cycle, it’s helpful to “know your audience”. There’s an interesting theory that was developed in Portland, Oregon, to help understand who might want to cycle for transportation. Its intuitive logic has been so successful that many other places have also embraced its philosophy when considering their own would-be

  • Cycling – What the People Say

    Cycling – What the People Say1

    • 24 October 2012

    One of the unsung but more useful documents that the City Council prepare each year is a Residents’ Survey. Designed to measure resident use of and satisfaction with Council services and activities, it provides a useful snapshot on what local residents think about what the city has to offer. And that includes a useful insight

  • Starting with a Solid Base

    Starting with a Solid Base0

    • 5 June 2012

    For anyone who has spent the past 20-odd months living in Christchurch, the importance of a solid foundation is pretty obvious. Otherwise sturdy homes and other buildings were no match for ground conditions that turned into quicksand when the big shakes came along. People will be paying a lot more attention to things like geotechnical



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