• Cycling in Christchurch 2016 – The cycling city continues to build

    Cycling in Christchurch 2016 – The cycling city continues to build4

    “Rebuild” – that term seems to have been in the local lexicon ever since the 2010-11 Canterbury earthquakes. And yet, more than ever, 2016 really felt like a year when the rebuild really was in full swing across Christchurch. I’ve enjoyed watching the remarkably rapid pace in which new and improved bits of the city

  • Cycling postcards from Tauranga

    Cycling postcards from Tauranga2

    Last week I spent the week in Tauranga while attending the TRAFINZ Conference, focused around local authority transport. Staying on for the weekend, I was able to have a good look around the city (which I hadn’t visited in 15 years) and see how it was doing in terms of transport and particularly cycling. Tauranga

  • Guest Post: Hawkes Bay – Lovin’ the Network

    Guest Post: Hawkes Bay – Lovin’ the Network2

    Guest blogger Robert has been visiting Hawkes Bay… Sometimes during the debate “are cycleways a good thing for Christchurch” it is easy to point to the great cycling cities of Europe, such as Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Then to argue that, once the cycleway network is completed, all will be well and wonderful in the city

  • Flashback: Portland Neighbourhood Greenways

    Flashback: Portland Neighbourhood Greenways3

    A number of the recent proposed Major Cycleways are using “neighbourhood greenway” treatments, including Rapanui/Shag Rock, Papanui Parallel, and Uni-Cycle. Most people understand the concepts of separated cycleways and shared paths that are being used for many other Major Cycleway sections. But what exactly is a neighbourhood greenway (NG) and how does it work? We’ve

  • Rotorua: Cycling Bubbling Up

    Rotorua: Cycling Bubbling Up2

    While I was in the North Island two weeks ago, I visited Rotorua to see what they have been up to lately. As guest blogger Robert observed last year, some interesting cycle facilities have been popping up there lately but he wasn’t sure whether it would be enough. For some time now, Rotorua has been

  • Mapping Christchurch’s Cycleways

    Mapping Christchurch’s Cycleways5

    As the cycleway programme springs into full bloom, more people are getting out on their bikes and exploring new parts of the city (at least, new by bike). So how do you know what the ever-changing cycle network looks like where you’re going? Fortunately Transport for Christchurch (TfC) are maintaining a great online map that

  • Help us out – Where can you bike in your suburb?

    Help us out – Where can you bike in your suburb?1

    Some of our most popular pages on Cycling in Chch (especially on the weekends) are the ones giving ideas for Where to Ride in Chch and specific info about favourites like McLeans Forest and Westburn Reserve. This tells me that plenty of people want to know more about places where they and their friends/families can

  • Freiburg – Cycling and Sustainability

    Freiburg – Cycling and Sustainability0

    We’ve seen a lot of examples of cities around Europe that are doing great things for cycling. But our local readers might say “You’ve shown us big cities (e.g. Munich, Vienna, London), small cities (e.g. Enschede, Houten), and hilly cities (e.g. Bristol, Zurich); how are they really relevant to Christchurch?” To which I would reply:

  • Munich: Cycling for a Big City

    Munich: Cycling for a Big City1

    One of the truisms about cycling in the world is that invariably it is a lot harder for “large” cities (say, greater than 1 million inhabitants) to get a lot of people cycling. Smaller cities are more likely to have a compact size enabling more biking trips; they may also have a greater proportion of

  • What can Christchurch learn from The Netherlands?

    What can Christchurch learn from The Netherlands?11

    Having had a month ranging far and wide around The Netherlands (and a month since to reflect), I think I’m starting to see some common trends emerging in terms of what makes the Dutch get on their bikes so much more than us (or indeed, almost anyone on the world). After showing you the sights

  • Money galore for cycleways

    Money galore for cycleways1

    It probably felt like Christmas this week for many people who cycle in New Zealand (although they may have been surprised who Father Christmas was…). On Thursday, the Government announced the remaining allocation of projects for the $100 million Urban Cycleways Fund, and there were plenty of cities celebrating their success in receiving some of

  • Guest Post: Feeling the Love

    Guest Post: Feeling the Love0

    Here’s another guest post from regular contributor Robert… As a student in the 1970’s I attended a course at a centralised Technical Institute located in the Hutt Valley along with participants from throughout the country.  Inevitably amongst classmates and friends, the timeless banter of Aucklanders versus the rest of New Zealand came into play.  During



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