• Guest Post: On-road cycle lanes

    Guest Post: On-road cycle lanes2

    • 18 February 2017

    Here’s a guest post from Darren who’s been thinking about his regular commute: There’s an ongoing debate around the world regarding delineation of modes: Separate different types and speeds of travellers (think: footpaths, separated cycleways, medians, rail corridors, with signal-controlled intersections where they intersect)  Mixing all travellers together (think: shared spaces, slow neighbourhood streets, Cashel

  • Cycling postcards from Tauranga

    Cycling postcards from Tauranga2

    • 27 November 2016

    Last week I spent the week in Tauranga while attending the TRAFINZ Conference, focused around local authority transport. Staying on for the weekend, I was able to have a good look around the city (which I hadn’t visited in 15 years) and see how it was doing in terms of transport and particularly cycling. Tauranga

  • Victoria Street Denial

    Victoria Street Denial8

    • 11 September 2016

    Once upon a time earthquakes shook up Christchurch. With the central city destroyed, Share an Idea seized on the opportunity to rebuild a city for people, a cycle friendly 21st century sustainable city. The broad community envisioned a creative and life-affirming response to the quakes. It did not take long for car-centred politicians to respond

  • Guest Post: The good, the bad, the ugly of Chch cycleways

    Guest Post: The good, the bad, the ugly of Chch cycleways1

    • 7 August 2016

    Guest blogger Robert recently went and had a look at the new Wigram overbridge and mused on other bits of our network… Well, a lot can happen in ten weeks for sure. Having reported on June 15th that the Wigram-Magdala bridge project would be completed during October, what a surprise to read on Stuff that

  • Where could we easily add cycle lanes?

    Where could we easily add cycle lanes?11

    • 4 May 2016

    So recently I went and changed jobs. On the upside, that means 15 minutes less biking each way; on the downside, that means 15 minutes less biking each way… 🙂 More pertinently however, it also means a change from my previous route, which featured friendly cycle lanes and pathways for the most part, to a

  • What are your current Chch cycle safety concerns?

    What are your current Chch cycle safety concerns?19

    • 26 April 2016

    I’ve been involved in a few recent discussions with the City Council about current cycle safety issues in the city; it is of course an ongoing issue in the city. To help inform me, I thought I’d have a look at some recent crash data, and I figured that many readers might also be interested

  • Mapping Christchurch’s Cycleways

    Mapping Christchurch’s Cycleways5

    • 21 February 2016

    As the cycleway programme springs into full bloom, more people are getting out on their bikes and exploring new parts of the city (at least, new by bike). So how do you know what the ever-changing cycle network looks like where you’re going? Fortunately Transport for Christchurch (TfC) are maintaining a great online map that

  • Flashback: Cycling in Copenhagen

    Flashback: Cycling in Copenhagen1

    • 21 January 2016

    I’ve been lucky to get to visit many interesting places overseas and have dutifully reported about these back here on Cycling in Chch. But there have also been places visited before CiC started that might be of interest to readers (especially if they have ideas we might like to try here). With that in mind,

  • Cycling and the Law: Where can you Ride your Bike?

    Cycling and the Law: Where can you Ride your Bike?4

    • 19 December 2015

    Having previously covered the innocuous legal question of what exactly constitutes a bike, we’ll now turn our attention to where exactly you can ride your bike (and some of the implications of that). Before we get too far into that, it’s helpful to understand two key definitions in NZ legislation: A “road” has a very

  • Photo of the Day: More new Cycle Lane Separators

    Photo of the Day: More new Cycle Lane Separators11

    • 16 December 2015

    We’ve waxed lyrical before about the simple tool of putting in some separator posts to keep motorists out of cycle lanes. They work just fine… when they’re there. But the new ones along Kahu Rd / Kotare St were slowly being chipped away, either by errant passing vehicles or construction workers not reinstating them when

  • Photo of the Day: Cycle Lanes vs Parking

    Photo of the Day: Cycle Lanes vs Parking18

    • 10 December 2015

    Given the recent fuss about cyclists stealing parking spaces, perhaps we should be reminded that often it’s the other way around. Memo to road designers and operations staff: if you’re going to fit a parking lane inside a cycle lane, at least make sure that a car fits… Have you come across other examples in

  • Sumner central village street improvements

    Sumner central village street improvements0

    • 9 November 2015

    The projects just keep on coming at present; over in Sumner some new work is also planned for the main street into the village. But you’ve only got another week before submissions are due… The proposed enhancements to Marriner St W and Wakefield Ave arise from the Council’s previously approved Sumner Village Master Plan. This



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