• Book Review: The Bike and Beyond

    Book Review: The Bike and Beyond1

    The Bike and Beyond: Life on Two Wheels in Aotearoa New Zealand by Laura Williamson (104pp., Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, RRP $14.99 e-book $4.99) I recently waded my way through David Byrne’s intriguing but dense travelogue Bicycle Diaries – it took me about six months to get through it; it just felt like hard work

  • Photo of the Day: Quake City Biking

    Photo of the Day: Quake City Biking0

    The recent shaky events not too far north of us remind us all of our own darkest days back in 2010-11. The graphic and thought-provoking details of the city’s earthquakes are well captured in the Quake City exhibit in Cashel Mall, which I only visited for the first time about a month ago. It’s well

  • Cycling Activities for August 2016

    Cycling Activities for August 20160

    The weather continues to fool us in wondering whether the worst of winter is over or still yet to come. Either way, it’s always a good time to get on your bike, look at bikes, or at least talk about bikes! A few organised activities this month (listed below), but there’s nothing to stop you

  • Cycling Activities for July 2016

    Cycling Activities for July 20160

    Who had fun on last week’s Winter Solstice Ride?! While the winter solstice might fool some into thinking that things can only get warmer now, others recognise that it probably just means the start of winter (certainly the temperatures are feeling that way…). So that means another good mix of activities both indoors and outdoors

  • Cycling Activities for June 2016

    Cycling Activities for June 20160

    Winter has finally decided to start showing itself to Christchurch, but that hasn’t stopped the opportunities to get on your bike or at least talk about bikes! Here’s this month’s run-down of coming cycling events; as always you can check out the full details on our Events and Activities Calendar. – First up this Sat

  • Guest Post: A Cycling Dogma

    Guest Post: A Cycling Dogma0

    Guest blogger Catherine shares some of her thoughts about the key factors that influence her daily choice to commute by bike: I developed a cycling dogma! It’s taken time to create, but here it is: Cycling offers me freedom like nothing else. Talk about being one with nature! You are part of nature when you

  • Cycling Activities for May 2016

    Cycling Activities for May 20160

    As the months approach winter, it’s natural to think that your opportunities for doing things cycling-related might also cool down. But, rather like our current run of golden weather, there continue to be plenty of things in Chch to keep people enjoying their bikes! In some cases, the details are still being finalised, so make

  • Guest Post: Coffee, Cycling and Culture

    Guest Post: Coffee, Cycling and Culture2

    Guest blogger Robert muses on the “eternal triangle” of life: Cycling, Coffee and Culture.  It’s a Kiwi Thing , eh bro’… Well, perhaps not quite as stated but certainly New Zealanders, and in particular those immigrants who made Christchurch their home for the hundred plus thirty odd years from 1869 onward when the first bikes

  • Cycling Activities for February 2016

    Cycling Activities for February 20164

    [Updated event details, 6 Feb] Summer is warming up, and so are the fun activities out there for you on your bike! So here’s a run-down of some of the events coming up that you might like to mark in your diary (the details for some of them are still being finalised). Unless stated, they

  • How do you make your bike commute more interesting?

    How do you make your bike commute more interesting?4

    I came across this very interesting blogpost a while back on one of my favourite sites, BikePortland: “I’ve been bike-commuting for longer than I can remember, and it’s always been a highlight of my day – both directions. But lately, I am feeling completely unmotivated for it. Not talking about other rides – still stoked

  • Theatre Review: MAMIL

    Theatre Review: MAMIL0

    If you’d like to experience a little bit of “cycling culture” off the saddle, then I heartily recommend the Court Theatre’s current offering: “MAMIL”. As many of you will know, this stands for “Middle-Aged Man In Lycra”; the somewhat derogatory term that has sprung up to define the growing numbers of recreational road cyclists who

  • End of Tour: Reflections on Cycling in Europe

    End of Tour: Reflections on Cycling in Europe8

    So, two months after I actually returned home, we come to the end of the belated reports on my 3-month study tour of Europe. I finished with a couple of days in Frankfurt, Germany, before flying out, and I’ve included a few pictures in this post from wandering around the city. But mostly I want



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