• Getting those Traffic Signals to Notice You

    Getting those Traffic Signals to Notice You2

    • 24 March 2013

    Sometimes it can be a bit tough when you’re on your treadly to get traffic signals to change for you, especially when no other vehicles are around. So it’s useful to know exactly how you can get things to work in your favour. First a bit of background: Vehicles (cycles or otherwise) are detected at

  • Census Day 2013 – Tue 5th March

    Census Day 2013 – Tue 5th March0

    • 3 March 2013

    Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ll know that this Tuesday 5th March is Census Day. Replacing the quake-postponed 2011 Census, this is when the Government collects a range of data from all NZ residents, relating to households, work, lifestyle, and so on. The data is very important to help plan for a

  • Book Review: Easy Rider – A Kiwi’s Guide to Cycling

    Book Review: Easy Rider – A Kiwi’s Guide to Cycling0

    • 29 December 2012

    by Jon Bridges (203pp., Penguin Books, Auckland, RRP $40) If you have Xmas book vouchers burning a hole in your pocket, here is one new book that you might like to get a hold of. Jon Bridges has been a feature of NZ media and comedy, from his days back on Away Laughing and Ice

  • Book Review: Everyday Cycling in Aotearoa New Zealand

    Book Review: Everyday Cycling in Aotearoa New Zealand0

    • 13 December 2012

    by Alastair Smith (185pp., Awa Press, Wellington, RRP $35) Here’s something that might be handy as a Xmas stocking-filler! Over the years I have collected a variety of books on cycling for transport and urban cycle commuting. Invariably they have been written for overseas audiences; the only “NZ Edition” biking book I ever got was

  • Safety: Who Ya Gonna Call…?

    Safety: Who Ya Gonna Call…?3

    • 8 December 2012

    OK, so you’ve had a crash while out riding, whether with a car or some other hazard. Or maybe it was just a near-miss but it’s not the first time you’ve had problems at that site. Or perhaps some idiot driver has decided to do something incredibly dangerous and nearly cause a prang with you?

  • Maintenance: Who Ya Gonna Call…?

    Maintenance: Who Ya Gonna Call…?5

    • 23 November 2012

    No, it’s probably not the Ghostbusters (and that reference just went over the head of half my audience…). But if you do spot a problem while out riding, there are a number of options you have for making sure things get done. We’ve all come across it before: there you are riding along and suddenly

  • Googling your Way around Town by Bike

    Googling your Way around Town by Bike7

    • 28 September 2012

    An interesting development was added to everybody’s favourite mapping service Google Maps in the past month. NZ’ers can now experience getting directions for cycling, which will make use of any handy cycling shortcuts such as off-road paths. Viewers can also see the location of any bike lanes, off-road paths (“trails”) or cycle-friendly streets. It’s easy

  • Bikes on Buses

    Bikes on Buses1

    • 26 July 2012

    Another reason why cycling in Christchurch is great: you can combine bike and bus trips! This evening I had to go to a meeting in Burnside. From work it was only another 5km – easy to get there by bike. But by the time I was finished I didn’t really fancy the 11km-or-so ride all

  • Cycling and Snow: It’s the Little Details

    Cycling and Snow: It’s the Little Details1

    • 8 June 2012

    The big thaw is now underway in Christchurch, and it’s time to go back to work as well. So off on my trusty steed I headed this morning. Cycling after a snowfall is “interesting” because of the potential ice hazard still lurking. Unless you have some of Steven’s magnificent snow-chains, it’s all about straight, smooth

  • As easy as riding a bicycle?

    As easy as riding a bicycle?2

    • 23 May 2012

    Not! I have a new neighbour at work who comes from Fiji. She told me that over there girls do not ride bikes- and especially not women. Its just not in their culture. That was in March this year. Well, today she just randomly told me that she has set a new challenge for herself-



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