• CTV does Cycling

    CTV does Cycling4

    If you’re a regular viewer of CTV (Canterbury Television) you may have seen the News team recently do a series on transport options around Christchurch. CTV reporters followed various City Councillors on their commutes around the city using different modes, and discussed the pros and cons of each. This included reporter Marcus Gibbs biking home

  • Census: Cycling on the Rise in Christchurch

    Census: Cycling on the Rise in Christchurch4

    Last year, the long-awaited national Census was finally held. Now we are starting to see some of the results in detail, including information about travel to work. The full detailed regional results across the country won’t be publicly available for another couple of weeks, but Christchurch City has obtained the detailed breakdown of Census stats

  • Riding Long Distances

    Riding Long Distances0

    When I told you the other week about the ride that my son and I took out to Sumner, I mentioned that we clocked up 30km on the trip. For some people relatively new to cycling, that might seem like a very long distance to ride. But, as I’ll explain, with good preparation you will

  • Cycling and Hills

    Cycling and Hills6

    So I’m in my new home now and it’s slightly up into the Port Hills. This means a speedy ride downhill at the start of the day, but a little bit of a climb at the end (only 400m of riding, mind you). It’s been ~15 years since I lived on a hill (in Wellington)

  • Cycling to/from New Places

    Cycling to/from New Places6

    So, as I mentioned previously, I’ve just moved house and that means a new ride to work and other destinations. It can be a bit disorienting at first to work out the best way to/from each place. So how do you determine how to get there by bike? A map is a good place to start;

  • Handy Tips: Beating the Punctures

    Handy Tips: Beating the Punctures4

    It seems to be a perennial problem these days, the prevalence of broken glass (or other detritus) on the streets and the subsequent punctures that can result. It’s a pain for the amount of inconvenience this causes, so what can be done to minimise the problem? (or deal with it when it happens…) Step one

  • Cycling in the Cold

    Cycling in the Cold1

    Some of you may be getting ready to brave the elements for the Winter Solstice Ride. Maybe at other times, it’s just about biking to work on a frosty Canterbury morning. Whatever the situation, if you spend long enough riding around Christchurch then at some point you will have to deal with keeping warm on

  • Handy Tips: Turning Right

    Handy Tips: Turning Right2

    No, this isn’t a political broadcast: One of the hardest things to do when riding your bike is to make a right turn. The prospect of moving into the middle of a road (often crossing busy traffic to do so), then waiting there (often unprotected) until a gap appears, can deter many cyclists. Indeed, some

  • Be Safe Be Heard

    Be Safe Be Heard3

    Autumn usually brings a flurry of articles about being well lit up when cycling, but I think an overlooked area of cycling safety is the ability to warn cars of your presence on the road. The bike bell is very important for pedestrians but useless for that car door about to open in front of

  • Bikes on Buses: Latest Stats

    Bikes on Buses: Latest Stats2

    Some months ago we told you about how you can combine your bus and bike trips for even greater flexibility, thanks to bike racks on most Christchurch urban bus services. Bike racks have been trialled in the city since late 2007 (the first in the country) and were made standard equipment on an increasing number

  • The end of Summer – Time to be Seen

    The end of Summer – Time to be Seen8

    Daylight savings ends this weekend and things suddenly get a lot darker if you’re riding home at night. So, as the days get shorter, it’s a good time to review what your visibility on a bike is like in dusk and darkness. The law is pretty clear on what you must have on your bike

  • Getting those Traffic Signals to Notice You

    Getting those Traffic Signals to Notice You2

    Sometimes it can be a bit tough when you’re on your treadly to get traffic signals to change for you, especially when no other vehicles are around. So it’s useful to know exactly how you can get things to work in your favour. First a bit of background: Vehicles (cycles or otherwise) are detected at



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