• Are you a “one bike” or “multi bike” person?

    Are you a “one bike” or “multi bike” person?5

    I’ve been observing people riding to work on my daily commute and looking at what they’re riding on. Increasingly there are some pretty cool commuting bikes, including e-bikes and stylish “upright” city bikes. But it’s interesting how many still are riding to work on what seems to be a basic mountain-bike or road bike. I

  • Sign up for the Aotearoa Bike Challenge

    Sign up for the Aotearoa Bike Challenge0

    As summer hots up (we hope…), we head towards that time of the year when cycling is celebrated across New Zealand. In the past, it was BikeWise that promoted Go By Bike Day and BikeWise Month during February; this year sees the launch of a new initiative, the Aotearoa Bike Challenge. So what’s it all

  • Cycling in the Wet

    Cycling in the Wet9

    Another dreary wet day and inevitably the number of people cycling takes a nosedive. Perhaps you are a “fairweather cyclist”. Perhaps you’d like to become more of an “all-weather” rider. So how to do that? Disclaimer: I will mention some brands and businesses here, but they are just suggestions. And sadly I receive no commission

  • Cycling in the Wind

    Cycling in the Wind4

    While it’s nice that Christchurch doesn’t have much in the way of hills to deal with, it makes up for that by having fairly persistent winds. One day it’s a strong nor’wester, then it’s a beast’ly easterly, then a bitter cold southerly. And knowing my luck, it’s usually in my face both going to work

  • Cycling in the Cold

    Cycling in the Cold1

    Some of you may be getting ready to brave the elements for the Winter Solstice Ride. Maybe at other times, it’s just about biking to work on a frosty Canterbury morning. Whatever the situation, if you spend long enough riding around Christchurch then at some point you will have to deal with keeping warm on

  • Guest Post: A Cycling Dogma

    Guest Post: A Cycling Dogma0

    Guest blogger Catherine shares some of her thoughts about the key factors that influence her daily choice to commute by bike: I developed a cycling dogma! It’s taken time to create, but here it is: Cycling offers me freedom like nothing else. Talk about being one with nature! You are part of nature when you

  • Go By Bike Day 2016 10th Feb

    Go By Bike Day 2016 10th Feb3

    Go By Bike Day is on next Wednesday (February 10, 2016) and Cantabrians are being urged to leave their cars at home and cycle to work or school. Go By Bike Day cycle celebration stations will be set up along our city’s most popular cycle routes between 7am-9am. The stations will be set up at

  • Where are your Favourite Places to Cycle?

    Where are your Favourite Places to Cycle?2

    It’s summer time and people are out enjoying the warmer weather in many ways (when the rain goes away…), including on their bikes. Maybe you’ve been able to try out some of the great places for cycling around Christchurch, or maybe you’ve headed away and tested out a few cycling routes elsewhere in the country?

  • Would you like to see adult cycle training in Christchurch?

    Would you like to see adult cycle training in Christchurch?0

    {NB: Online survey has now closed} A question I get asked reasonably often is whether there is any cycle training for adults around Christchurch. Sadly, at the moment, the answer is “no, not really”. We have our wonderful Cycle Safe training programme in schools but, for a cycling-friendly city, it is surprising that there hasn’t

  • How do you make your bike commute more interesting?

    How do you make your bike commute more interesting?4

    I came across this very interesting blogpost a while back on one of my favourite sites, BikePortland: “I’ve been bike-commuting for longer than I can remember, and it’s always been a highlight of my day – both directions. But lately, I am feeling completely unmotivated for it. Not talking about other rides – still stoked

  • Feedback Needed: Dyers Pass Rd Cycling Survey

    Feedback Needed: Dyers Pass Rd Cycling Survey4

    Thanks for all your feedback! This survey has now closed. Following on from recent discussions with the Spreydon-Heathcote Community Board (and partly spurred on by the recent Alex Mann case), it looks like a workshop will be organised with key stakeholders to discuss issues and potential solutions for cycling on Dyers Pass Rd. To help

  • Safety Improvements on Dyers Pass Road

    Safety Improvements on Dyers Pass Road8

    Discussions are happening with the Spreydon/Heathcote community board about how to improve safety on the section of Dyers Pass Road where it is narrow from Sign of the Takahe up to Sign of the Kiwi and Worsley’s Spur. Suggestions on the table initially include: Painting yellow lines on 9 blind corners to discourage cars from



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