• Rapanui / Shag Rock cycleway consultation continues

    Rapanui / Shag Rock cycleway consultation continues1

    • 7 December 2016

    The consultation season continues with another Major Cycleway out for consideration. While work is underway to start constructing Stage 1 of the Rapanui / Shag-Rock cycleway, plans for Stages 2 & 3 are now publicly available. This takes the cycleway from its current terminus at Linwood Park out through Woolston and Charlesworth to join the

  • Have Your Say: Chch Annual Plan 2016-17

    Have Your Say: Chch Annual Plan 2016-171

    • 18 April 2016

    Every year the City Council reviews its intentions for what to spend its money on (and also how much it needs) in the form of its Annual Plan. Lurking in the background also is the ten-year Long-Term Plan (LTP) and this also gets reviewed regularly. This year, the Christchurch public get a chance to provide

  • Coastal Pathway makes further progress

    Coastal Pathway makes further progress1

    • 15 October 2015

    Last weekend I joined the City2Sumner Ride, organised by Frocks on Bikes, for a very pleasant jaunt out to the beach (thanks Connie!). The route from town out to Sumner took in the latest part of the Christchurch Coastal Pathway to be opened. Following the official opening near Scott Park about a month ago, the

  • Money galore for cycleways

    Money galore for cycleways1

    • 27 June 2015

    It probably felt like Christmas this week for many people who cycle in New Zealand (although they may have been surprised who Father Christmas was…). On Thursday, the Government announced the remaining allocation of projects for the $100 million Urban Cycleways Fund, and there were plenty of cities celebrating their success in receiving some of

  • Last Chance to Have Your Say on Council Long-Term Plan

    Last Chance to Have Your Say on Council Long-Term Plan0

    • 25 April 2015

    It’s been out for a few weeks but you’ve only got a few days left to submit feedback on Christchurch City Council’s Long Term Plan. And it has some significant implications for cycling. What is the Long Term Plan? It’s a statutory document that all Councils must prepare/update on a regular basis that sets out

  • Progress on Coastal Pathway Beachville section

    Progress on Coastal Pathway Beachville section1

    • 27 December 2014

    A bit of good news just before Xmas with progress on the design for another part of the Chch Coastal Pathway. The Beachville Rd section in Redcliffs (between McCormacks Bay and the Redcliffs shops) has been endorsed by the Hagley/Ferrymead Community Board. Initial designs were reviewed at a community workshop back in September. About 200

  • A Ride to Sumner (and the promise of things to come)

    A Ride to Sumner (and the promise of things to come)3

    • 19 December 2013

    So last weekend, my youngest boy was keen to go on a big ride somewhere. OK, I said, how about out to Sumner? It’s been a long time since I biked out there and a lot has happened in southeast Christchurch lately (and a lot is planned to happen). We started off following the lower

  • Improvements for the ride to Sumner

    Improvements for the ride to Sumner2

    • 24 August 2013

    A bit of recent news activity points to some improvements looming for anyone riding to/from the seaside suburbs of Sumner and Redcliffs. This will be of great relief to anyone who has suffered the hair-raising ride over the past couple of years. Firstly, many of the shipping containers that have been protecting travellers from potential

  • Cycleways are Go!

    Cycleways are Go!16

    • 29 June 2013

    It’s been a busy week for the City Council, with the sign-off of their Three-Year Plan and agreement with the Govt on cost sharing of various planned “anchor projects” around the central city. What might have snuck under the radar somewhat is the fact that Council confirmed its intention to invest nearly $70 million over

  • Christchurch Coastal Pathway – Draft Concept Plan

    Christchurch Coastal Pathway – Draft Concept Plan2

    • 1 April 2013

    A few months ago we told you about a few exciting initiatives happening on the east side of Christchurch. One of them was the Coastal Pathway, a 6.5km shared corridor for walking and cycling along the water-side between Ferrymead and Sumner. After some initial consultation and investigation work, a draft Concept Plan has now been

  • Eastern Visions

    Eastern Visions0

    • 30 August 2012

    With all the fuss recently about proposed plans for the Central City, many people have quite rightly asked what about plans for east Christchurch where much of the worst quake damage occurred. There is a lot of infrastructure (including many people’s homes) still to be repaired on this side of town, and it’s certainly not



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