• Xmas: What to get the Biking-Nut in your Life

    Xmas: What to get the Biking-Nut in your Life3

    Shock horror, there are now fewer than 25 shopping days until Christmas! Unless you’re one of those really annoying organised people who gets all their gift shopping done by August, you might be starting to think about what to get your loved ones this year. So what to get the cycling afficionado who has it

  • Cycling in the Wet

    Cycling in the Wet9

    Another dreary wet day and inevitably the number of people cycling takes a nosedive. Perhaps you are a “fairweather cyclist”. Perhaps you’d like to become more of an “all-weather” rider. So how to do that? Disclaimer: I will mention some brands and businesses here, but they are just suggestions. And sadly I receive no commission

  • Cycle Runway Takes Off!

    Cycle Runway Takes Off!0

    A couple of weeks ago the University of Canterbury’s Eco Week hosted the inaugural Cycle Runway fashion show. I was already double-booked for the evening and couldn’t attend unfortunately, but by all accounts from those I chatted to it was a great success. But don’t take my word for it, here are a few pics

  • Cycle Runway – Tue Sept 11th

    Cycle Runway – Tue Sept 11th0

    If you’re missing a little bit of style in your daily ride, then Cycle Runway is for you! As part of its 2012 Eco-Week, the University of Canterbury is holding a “Cycle Runway” evening, on Tuesday 11th September. Cycle Runway is a fashion show focussing on cycling, with not a stitch of lycra in sight. It

  • Cyclopolitan


    For some time now I have needed a new word. When I tell people that I ride a bike, they instantly think ‘Cyclist’ and imagine me in head-to-toe lycra – this is not a good thing. I would not wish this on anyone and, being a lady of a certain age, I feel quite ‘undressed’



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