• Guest Photo of the Day: Playcentre Bike Parking

    Guest Photo of the Day: Playcentre Bike Parking8

    • 16 December 2016

    A good sign that cycling is becoming normalised in Christchurch is when it’s not just the clichéd “lycra road warriors” to be seen riding to work or for exercise. So it was nice to receive this photo from a friend-of-a-friend who takes her two kids to Somerfield Playcentre on the green e-bike in the photo.

  • Guest Post: Cycling and Children

    Guest Post: Cycling and Children0

    • 9 November 2016

    Here is a guest post from Denise Nelson – enjoy! Cycling and Children Children riding their bikes is a great way to teach independence and alternate travel options. Helping your children learn to ride a bike at a young age and to ride alongside them will show your children a healthy activity to partake in.

  • Have your say on allowing Footpath Cycling

    Have your say on allowing Footpath Cycling7

    • 2 October 2016

    You might recall earlier this year that Lower Hutt mother Jo Clendon was petitioning Government to make it legal for kids to ride their bikes on the footpath. As mentioned previously, currently it is illegal for anyone to ride on an ordinary footpath, unless they have a small child’s bike or are delivering material. Jo’s

  • Guest Post: Cycling with Kids – an A to Z

    Guest Post: Cycling with Kids – an A to Z1

    • 24 June 2016

    Here’s a guest post from Jo Clendon of the site Cycling with Kids; you might recall that Jo is currently petitioning to allow footpath cycling for kids. Here’s a sneak preview of some of the great info you can find on her website: Cycling with kids can be so much fun. A great way to

  • Guest Post: Should kids be able to ride on the footpath?

    Guest Post: Should kids be able to ride on the footpath?7

    • 25 May 2016

    Here’s an interesting guest topic from Jo Clendon: Do you cycle with kids?  Do you sometimes let them ride on the footpath? Perhaps you’ve seen or heard in the news about my campaign to make cycling on the footpaths legal for children, their accompanying adults, seniors and the disabled.  If not, you can watch or

  • Book Review: Short Easy Bike Rides

    Book Review: Short Easy Bike Rides1

    • 19 January 2016

    by Jonathan Kennett (131pp., Kennett Brothers Ltd, Wellington, RRP $24.90) The Kennett Brothers have built up a well-earned reputation for cycling books in New Zealand, including guides to the best mountain-bike haunts, NZ cycling history, and touring on the NZ Cycle Trails. The latest offering from them sees them targeting some rides a bit closer

  • Not-so-hidden Treasures: Hagley Park

    Not-so-hidden Treasures: Hagley Park5

    • 24 December 2015

    New York might have its Central Park, but our jewel in the crown is of course Hagley Park. It’s a recreational and sporting home for all manner of activities, be it golf, cricket, jogging, canoeing, or just feeding the ducks. And not surprisingly it’s also a great place to go for a cycle ride too.

  • Cycling projects around Wellington

    Cycling projects around Wellington2

    • 9 December 2015

    It’s great to see so much happening around Christchurch on the cycling front, but we’re certainly not the only ones in NZ at present. The Urban Cycleways Programme is generating some great projects all over the country; for example, there was a lot of fanfare regarding the opening last week of the new bright pink

  • Help us out – Where can you bike in your suburb?

    Help us out – Where can you bike in your suburb?1

    • 11 October 2015

    Some of our most popular pages on Cycling in Chch (especially on the weekends) are the ones giving ideas for Where to Ride in Chch and specific info about favourites like McLeans Forest and Westburn Reserve. This tells me that plenty of people want to know more about places where they and their friends/families can

  • Adelaide Cycle Training Park

    Adelaide Cycle Training Park2

    • 28 June 2014

    One more last post about my recent visit to Adelaide: on one of our field-trip rides we came across this amazing facility in Bonython Park. Now I’ve always thought our own local bike training area at Westburn Park is pretty neat (and it is one of the most requested search items on this website). But

  • A Ride around Town – The Old and the New

    A Ride around Town – The Old and the New2

    • 22 April 2014

    With the rain returning today, it’s easy to forget that we just had three glorious day of sunshine. And so it was on Saturday, with my youngest boy at a loose end, that we decided to hop on the bikes and go explore around the central city (aka “town”). These days it seems that every

  • Greens want more Walking & Cycling to School

    Greens want more Walking & Cycling to School0

    • 14 March 2014

    OK, that headline probably isn’t that surprising. But, now that we’re officially into election mode, the Green Party has fired the first salvo in the transport arena by targeting the trip to school. Their “Safe Walking and Cycling to School” policy is asking why half of New Zealand’s kids cycled or walked to school 25



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