• Return to Christchurch: Cycling works underway

    Return to Christchurch: Cycling works underway3

    I’ve been back in Christchurch for a little over a fortnight, trying (unsuccessfully) to ward off various colds and bugs. There’s still a few more reports to come of my visits around Europe, but I’ve also managed to start looking around Christchurch to see what has been happening while I’ve been away. As reported previously,

  • Cycling projects underway around Christchurch

    Cycling projects underway around Christchurch5

    At times it can feel like nothing is ever getting done for cycling around Christchurch. Some of us have been used to that for years (no, decades…) but, now that so much has been promised post-quake, we’re like excited (and then frustrated) kids waiting for Christmas to show up. However, as the rebuild gets into

  • Have your Say – More “Accessible City” Projects

    Have your Say – More “Accessible City” Projects12

    Well, construction is moving along rapidly on street works around the central city, and just as quickly more “Accessible City” transport projects are out for consultation. The third set of Accessible City projects are open for submissions until this Tuesday and I have to say I’m generally rather underwhelmed… In this latest batch, there are

  • It’s Not Just Infrastructure Stupid Part 2 – Bridges

    It’s Not Just Infrastructure Stupid Part 2 – Bridges1

    This is the second in an occasional series of posts on cycling related matters. See Part One here. Some of the same issues then are repeated. While it is about infrastructure, it reflects on an underlying culture of staff employed to carry out the rebuild. This time it is about bridges. 1) Antigua St Bridge was

  • Hagley/Hospital street works so far

    Hagley/Hospital street works so far9

    Late last year we introduced you to the planned first central city transport works happening around Hagley Park and Hospital Corner. Just before Christmas, the diggers started work and have now largely completed the first phase and moved onto parts of the works further into the central city. So it seems an appropriate time to

  • Progress on South Hagley pathway

    Progress on South Hagley pathway7

    Happy New Year! A quick little post just to show what’s bubbling away in town while we’ve all been on holiday. You’ll recall that the first works of the CBD “Accessible City” transport projects were approved before Xmas and are currently under construction. That includes a new 4m-wide shared pathway alongside Hagley Ave. The final



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