• Suburban Car Parking and the Bike

    Suburban Car Parking and the Bike1

    It seems to be the subject that you can’t get away from when talking about any development in town. The latest Metro Sports Facility plans pop up for example, and all I hear on social media is “where will we park?” (never mind that it clearly shows off-street parking areas, and three Major Cycleway routes

  • Victoria Street Denial

    Victoria Street Denial8

    Once upon a time earthquakes shook up Christchurch. With the central city destroyed, Share an Idea seized on the opportunity to rebuild a city for people, a cycle friendly 21st century sustainable city. The broad community envisioned a creative and life-affirming response to the quakes. It did not take long for car-centred politicians to respond

  • Ferry Road Streetscape Improvements at Woolston Village

    Ferry Road Streetscape Improvements at Woolston Village0

    The City Council is continuing to churn out new street reconstruction proposals around the city; this time it’s the turn of Woolston Village on Ferry Rd to get a makeover. As usual lately, that includes some improvements to the environment for cycling. Woolston Village was one of the Council’s Suburban Masterplan revitalisation projects following the

  • Victoria Street traffic changes

    Victoria Street traffic changes1

    The central city Accessible City transport works continue with a fairly contentious design proposed for the Victoria St corridor from Bealey Ave to Kilmore/Durham. As has typically been the case lately, there are good improvements planned for cycling as part of it, and even the little details look quite good… The main thrust of the

  • Rapanui / Shag Rock Cycleway Alternate Route Consultation

    Rapanui / Shag Rock Cycleway Alternate Route Consultation1

    Late last year we presented details about the consultations for the Papanui Parallel and Rapanui / Shag Rock cycleway projects. The good news is that Council’s Infrastructure Committee has now approved them for final design and construction, albeit with a few concessions to concerned locals. However one section is being reviewed again, and your feedback

  • Guest Post: Sunshine on St Albans

    Guest Post: Sunshine on St Albans1

    Regular correspondent Robert has been sounding out the locals about cycleways… Over the past few weeks I have attended several meetings in my local area as part of the consultation process for the proposed Papanui Parallel Cycleway (NB: being discussed by Council’s Infrastructure Committee this Tuesday). This will allow a mostly separated pathway to take



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