• Lincoln Town Centre Plans

    Lincoln Town Centre Plans4

    Christchurch is not the only place working on improving its village centres; our western neighbours Selwyn District have also been planning changes for Lincoln’s town centre, with consultation now out, and again that includes some very promising things for cycling. The town centre plan has been designed around five key themes: Promoting ‘active commercial frontage’,

  • Inside the new Bus Interchange – What’s in it for Cycling

    Inside the new Bus Interchange – What’s in it for Cycling0

    While it’s been partially open for a few months now, with the second stage of the new Christchurch Bus Interchange now completed, it seems timely to have a look at it and see how it works for cycling (we’ll look at the surrounding cycleways in a future post). Let’s start with the interchange itself. As

  • Bus-Bike Workshop a Success

    Bus-Bike Workshop a Success1

    Last Wednesday saw the previously postponed Bus-Bike Workshop finally happen in Riccarton. Organised by the Cycling Advocates Network (CAN), this was an opportunity for some urban bus operators to join with some regular bike riders to compare notes and better understand how to interact with each other on the streets. Although we started at the

  • Enschede – a pioneer for cycling

    Enschede – a pioneer for cycling3

    My final Dutch city report is about the place where I was based throughout my time in The Netherlands (I just took day trips by train to visit the other centres). Enschede (pop. 150,000) is near the eastern border of The Netherlands and like most cities here has a historic town centre around which a

  • Bus-Bike Road User Workshop – Wed 8th July

    Bus-Bike Road User Workshop – Wed 8th July0

    We’ve mentioned in the past the great initiatives by CAN, the Cycling Advocates Network, to run “Road User Workshops” around the country targeted at bus and truck safety with cycling. Coming up soon is a new Workshop here in Christchurch for local bus drivers and cyclists to get together and better understand each others’ perspectives.

  • Have your Say – Riccarton Road improvements

    Have your Say – Riccarton Road improvements1

    Time is running out to have your say about proposed plans for changes to Riccarton Rd. Although mainly promoted as a “bus priority” project, there’s actually a lot of implications for cycling down there too. Riccarton is probably the busiest bus corridor in the whole city; in the peak hour that can mean over 50



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