• Victoria Street traffic changes

    Victoria Street traffic changes1

    • 23 May 2016

    The central city Accessible City transport works continue with a fairly contentious design proposed for the Victoria St corridor from Bealey Ave to Kilmore/Durham. As has typically been the case lately, there are good improvements planned for cycling as part of it, and even the little details look quite good… The main thrust of the

  • Outside the new bus interchange – what’s it like for cycling?

    Outside the new bus interchange – what’s it like for cycling?7

    • 5 December 2015

    A little while back I showed you some of the great facilities inside the new central city bus interchange, such as covered bike parking and easy access to buses. Now I’d like to show you some of the facilities immediately outside the interchange – some of which have gained a bit of notoriety (even before

  • Have your Say – More “Accessible City” Projects

    Have your Say – More “Accessible City” Projects12

    • 24 May 2015

    Well, construction is moving along rapidly on street works around the central city, and just as quickly more “Accessible City” transport projects are out for consultation. The third set of Accessible City projects are open for submissions until this Tuesday and I have to say I’m generally rather underwhelmed… In this latest batch, there are

  • Have your Say – Riccarton Road improvements

    Have your Say – Riccarton Road improvements1

    • 16 May 2015

    Time is running out to have your say about proposed plans for changes to Riccarton Rd. Although mainly promoted as a “bus priority” project, there’s actually a lot of implications for cycling down there too. Riccarton is probably the busiest bus corridor in the whole city; in the peak hour that can mean over 50

  • Bike vs Bus in the bus lane?

    Bike vs Bus in the bus lane?0

    • 21 May 2012

    Had a minor incident this morning with a bus. viagra canada First he decided to pass me on a short narrow section of road levitra running me into the shingle (he would have seen me in plenty of time as I am lit up like a Christmas tree), all he had to do was lift



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