• All aboard the Heathcote Expressway consultation

    All aboard the Heathcote Expressway consultation1

    • 20 December 2016

    It’s been a busy couple of months in terms of Major Cycleway consultations. So far we’ve seen three planned routes rolled out for public feedback, and there’s one more to squeeze in before Christmas – the Heathcote Expressway. Originally, submissions on this were due to close last week, but that date has now been extended

  • Guest Photo of the Day: Helmores Lane Bridge

    Guest Photo of the Day: Helmores Lane Bridge1

    • 29 September 2016

    Regular contributor Robert has provided today’s photo – we welcome other photographic contributions! With all the focus on the Major Cycleways, sometimes it’s easy to forget the little wins. Most people’s cycle journeys will extend beyond a fancy cycleway and so the connecting local routes are just as important to join the dots – especially

  • Historic Southern Cyclist Magazine article on Auckland Harbour Bridge Crossing

    Historic Southern Cyclist Magazine article on Auckland Harbour Bridge Crossing2

    • 26 September 2016

    A friend was cleaning out his garage and handed me a box of Southern Cyclist magazines dating from 1979 to 1988. I haven’t had much time to look through yet but the July 1979 issue had a very interesting read on a bike crossing of the Auckland Harbour Bridge where bridge authorities rammed four of

  • Guest Post: Hawkes Bay – Lovin’ the Network

    Guest Post: Hawkes Bay – Lovin’ the Network2

    • 5 September 2016

    Guest blogger Robert has been visiting Hawkes Bay… Sometimes during the debate “are cycleways a good thing for Christchurch” it is easy to point to the great cycling cities of Europe, such as Copenhagen or Amsterdam. Then to argue that, once the cycleway network is completed, all will be well and wonderful in the city

  • First Look: Wigram-Magdala Overbridge

    First Look: Wigram-Magdala Overbridge5

    • 1 August 2016

    A few weeks back, guest blogger Robert reported on his observations near the Wigram-Magdala overbridge under construction. The official completion date was given as October. So it was a pleasant surprise to all to find that the new overbridge from Magdala Place (and Birmingham/Annex) to Wigram Rd opened this weekend. While that will no doubt

  • Guest Post: Wigram / Magdala Overbridge Update

    Guest Post: Wigram / Magdala Overbridge Update6

    • 15 June 2016

    Guest blogger Robert has been keeping an eye on the Wigram Rd / Magdala Pl overbridge works: This project is now cruising toward the finish line after 18 months of construction work to date. The expected month of completion is October 2016. Anyone having recently  ridden the detour route between each interrupted end of the

  • Has Auckland Cycling turned a corner?

    Has Auckland Cycling turned a corner?0

    • 13 March 2016

    So I spent half of last week up in Auckland attending the annual IPENZ Transportation Conference. As always, the conference itself was a great mix of technical and policy presentations, including some very interesting speakers talking about the possible ways that transport may dramatically change how we get around; be it self-driving vehicles, Uber-like call-up

  • Flashback: Cycling in Copenhagen

    Flashback: Cycling in Copenhagen1

    • 21 January 2016

    I’ve been lucky to get to visit many interesting places overseas and have dutifully reported about these back here on Cycling in Chch. But there have also been places visited before CiC started that might be of interest to readers (especially if they have ideas we might like to try here). With that in mind,

  • Cycling projects around Wellington

    Cycling projects around Wellington2

    • 9 December 2015

    It’s great to see so much happening around Christchurch on the cycling front, but we’re certainly not the only ones in NZ at present. The Urban Cycleways Programme is generating some great projects all over the country; for example, there was a lot of fanfare regarding the opening last week of the new bright pink

  • More cycleway progress around town

    More cycleway progress around town4

    • 10 September 2015

    I’m continuing to slowly get around more of the city after my return from Europe, and see how our cycling network is progressing. Last weekend I went on a bit of a tour to check out a few recent developments on the northern side of the city. First stop was the newly repaired Gayhurst Rd

  • Freiburg – Cycling and Sustainability

    Freiburg – Cycling and Sustainability0

    • 23 August 2015

    We’ve seen a lot of examples of cities around Europe that are doing great things for cycling. But our local readers might say “You’ve shown us big cities (e.g. Munich, Vienna, London), small cities (e.g. Enschede, Houten), and hilly cities (e.g. Bristol, Zurich); how are they really relevant to Christchurch?” To which I would reply:

  • Enschede – a pioneer for cycling

    Enschede – a pioneer for cycling3

    • 26 June 2015

    My final Dutch city report is about the place where I was based throughout my time in The Netherlands (I just took day trips by train to visit the other centres). Enschede (pop. 150,000) is near the eastern border of The Netherlands and like most cities here has a historic town centre around which a



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