• Cycling in Los Angeles

    Cycling in Los Angeles0

    So, as mentioned a couple of weeks back, I recently visited Los Angeles briefly on my return from Washington DC. Instead of the usual rapid stopover at the airport, I took the opportunity for a 24-hour stay to have a quick look around some parts of the “City of Angels”. Given that this is an

  • Guest Post: Cycling in Adelaide – An Update

    Guest Post: Cycling in Adelaide – An Update1

    Guest blogger Robert has been visiting our neighbours across the ditch: It is two years since the Velo-City Global 2014 International Cycling Conference in Adelaide was held. Along with the other inspiring posts from Adelaide written by Lennyboy at the time, the impression was clear that there was certainly a lot to be happy about

  • Cycling in Christchurch 2015 – The Year of Stuff Happening

    Cycling in Christchurch 2015 – The Year of Stuff Happening4

    Merry Christmas! And a Happy New Year. As we head into 2016, it is time once again to reflect on what has been happening cycling-wise here in Christchurch over the past year. And what a year it has been… As we started 2015, our thoughts on the coming year suggested a promising year for cycleway

  • Spark Bikes bikeshare now in central Christchurch

    Spark Bikes bikeshare now in central Christchurch5

    Christchurch now has another piece in the puzzle for a cycle-friendly city, with the launch of the “Spark Bikes” public bikeshare scheme in central Christchurch last Friday. As mentioned previously, five stations have been set up across the central city, allowing registered users to borrow a bike for getting around. Early Monday morning, a number

  • Public Bikes are not far away for Christchurch

    Public Bikes are not far away for Christchurch3

    In amongst everything else cycle-wise going on around the city, it’s exciting to know that soon we will also have our pilot public bike scheme up and running. As you may recall, thanks to a great crowd-funding initiative late last year and some corporate sponsorship from Spark and other supporters, Christchurch will soon have its

  • Vienna: Cycling on the Rise

    Vienna: Cycling on the Rise2

    After the hustle-bustle of Velo-City in Nantes, I headed across the continent to the Danube and the Austrian capital of Vienna. With 1.8 million people, Vienna is a major European hub and also well known for its fabulous music and architecture. Probably it is not so well known for its cycling (although the Velo-City cycling

  • Cycling in Nantes and #VeloCity2015 Conference

    Cycling in Nantes and #VeloCity2015 Conference3

    After the highs of a month in the Netherlands, I still had another month to check out some of the “lesser lights” of European cycling (which, compared with New Zealand, invariably still means better than most of us…). The next stop after Enschede was a train ride to the Atlantic French city of Nantes, where

  • Study Abroad – First Stop: London

    Study Abroad – First Stop: London2

    Greetings from the UK! It’s been three days since I touched down in London for the start of a three month sabbatical (study leave) in Europe. As well as meeting up with various colleagues and working on a few papers and projects, I’ll be taking advantage of the time to also have a good look

  • Guest Post: As Easy As Riding a Bike

    Guest Post: As Easy As Riding a Bike0

    Here’s a guest post from Jack Jiang, kindly reprinted from his original AECOM blog post: Improving urban wellbeing: as easy as riding a bike The landscape of post-earthquake Christchurch, New Zealand is changing rapidly. When there is change, there will be innovation. Cycling in Christchurch is like much of the rest of the world: the media features it

  • Last stop Boston – and Reflections on US Cycling

    Last stop Boston – and Reflections on US Cycling1

    It’s been a week now since I got back from my trip to the US. My last destination was Boston, Massachusetts, on the NE coast (and I’m so glad I got out of there before this week’s fun…). Boston might not be as well known for cycling endeavours, but it was the only place on

  • Interesting cycle stuff from New York

    Interesting cycle stuff from New York0

    My travels to the US have just finished, but let’s go back to where I spent last weekend – in New York. The same magazine that rated Washington DC in the top five best cycle-friendly US cities had (somewhat controversially) put New York at Number 1. I say “controversial” because, in terms of facilities on

  • Interesting cycle stuff from Washington DC

    Interesting cycle stuff from Washington DC3

    Greetings from the chilly US! The reason for the gap since my last post is because I’ve been in Washington DC for the Transportation Research Board’s Annual Meeting. You may recall from my last visit here that this is a huuuuge conference on all matters transport, with over 12,000 people in attendance to hear/view over



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