• Guest Photo of the Day: Hotel Bike Parking

    Guest Photo of the Day: Hotel Bike Parking0

    • 8 April 2017

    Regular contributor Robert sent in this photo that he thought was a nice sign of how things are changing. This was at the very swanky hotel, The George; as Robert said “I was impressed by this. Expected to need to find a tree or something.” Well done! Perhaps it shouldn’t be that surprising, as The

  • Spark Bikes bikeshare now in central Christchurch

    Spark Bikes bikeshare now in central Christchurch5

    • 12 August 2015

    Christchurch now has another piece in the puzzle for a cycle-friendly city, with the launch of the “Spark Bikes” public bikeshare scheme in central Christchurch last Friday. As mentioned previously, five stations have been set up across the central city, allowing registered users to borrow a bike for getting around. Early Monday morning, a number

  • Public Bikes are not far away for Christchurch

    Public Bikes are not far away for Christchurch3

    • 30 July 2015

    In amongst everything else cycle-wise going on around the city, it’s exciting to know that soon we will also have our pilot public bike scheme up and running. As you may recall, thanks to a great crowd-funding initiative late last year and some corporate sponsorship from Spark and other supporters, Christchurch will soon have its

  • What can Christchurch learn from The Netherlands?

    What can Christchurch learn from The Netherlands?11

    • 30 June 2015

    Having had a month ranging far and wide around The Netherlands (and a month since to reflect), I think I’m starting to see some common trends emerging in terms of what makes the Dutch get on their bikes so much more than us (or indeed, almost anyone on the world). After showing you the sights

  • Hidden Treasures: McLeans Forest

    Hidden Treasures: McLeans Forest4

    • 8 February 2015

    If you’re looking for a handy recreational riding getaway that doesn’t involve the climbs of the Port Hills and is do-able with the kids, then I suggest that you look at the McLeans Forest Park behind the airport (Bottle Lake Forest to the northeast would be the other recommendation). Part of Environment Canterbury’s Waimakariri Regional

  • Pledge your Support – Chch Public Bike-share

    Pledge your Support – Chch Public Bike-share3

    • 13 December 2014

    I’ve been a bit remiss in getting out an article about this exciting venture. We’ve talked in the past about some of the initiatives to get a public bike-share scheme up and running in Christchurch. Now it’s almost a reality – but your support is needed to get it over the final hurdle! The ever-persistent

  • Guest Post Part 6 – Cycling in Porto

    Guest Post Part 6 – Cycling in Porto0

    • 17 August 2014

    Roving blogger Robert continues his travels in Portugal with a visit to Porto – “City of the Bridges”: Like Lisbon, Porto is a river city, spanning the banks of the Duoro River as it flows into the Atlantic Ocean. The central city population has fallen in recent years as residents move to newer housing areas

  • Cycling in Beijing

    Cycling in Beijing5

    • 18 May 2013

    Ni hao from Beijing, China! If you’re wondering why I’ve been a bit quiet lately, it has somewhat to do with the fact that I’ve just spent the week here in Beijing at a road safety conference (where I presented a paper on the relative safety of cycling vs driving). While much of my time

  • Borrow a Bike: 6th-9th Feb

    Borrow a Bike: 6th-9th Feb0

    • 5 February 2013

    Here’s another nifty idea for anyone who needs a little push to try out biking – Borrow a Bike! After a successful trial at Canterbury University in 2011, Rosalee Jenkin is organising an event during this Wed 6th – Sat 9th Feb where people in town can borrow a bike loaned by others to do

  • Public Bikes for Christchurch?

    Public Bikes for Christchurch?4

    • 1 September 2012

    An interesting news item in The Press on Thursday about a young entrepreneur looking to introduce public bikes to Christchurch. Bicycle Ventures director Robert Henderson has partnered with fellow public bike scheme Nextbike in Auckland, and already has trials with the Canterbury Health Board and University of Canterbury. Public bike or bike sharing schemes have



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