• Are you a “one bike” or “multi bike” person?

    Are you a “one bike” or “multi bike” person?5

    I’ve been observing people riding to work on my daily commute and looking at what they’re riding on. Increasingly there are some pretty cool commuting bikes, including e-bikes and stylish “upright” city bikes. But it’s interesting how many still are riding to work on what seems to be a basic mountain-bike or road bike. I

  • Cycling in the Wet

    Cycling in the Wet9

    Another dreary wet day and inevitably the number of people cycling takes a nosedive. Perhaps you are a “fairweather cyclist”. Perhaps you’d like to become more of an “all-weather” rider. So how to do that? Disclaimer: I will mention some brands and businesses here, but they are just suggestions. And sadly I receive no commission

  • Cycling and the Law: Things that can go on or with a Bike

    Cycling and the Law: Things that can go on or with a Bike2

    In our earlier legal articles we considered what counts as a cycle and where you can legally bike. Now let’s look at what you can and can’t have on your bike (well you can take it from the earlier discussion that you can’t have a petrol motor for starters…). {The usual disclaimers; not a lawyer,

  • Guest Bike Review: The Mighty Pilen

    Guest Bike Review: The Mighty Pilen0

    This review from guest blogger Stephen first appeared on his blog: The mighty Pilen: a review I now own a Pilen Lyx. It’s a big, robust city bicycle, designed by Swedes, made with modern components, but decidedly old school. For some years now I’ve been gravitating towards old-fashioned bicycles intended for commuting at low speeds

  • One real world e-bike

    One real world e-bike5

    There is a ton of e-bike solutions coming to market that promise to help us go further and faster but I had always wondered what they were like to ride. I love riding my bike, why would I want this extra set of gear to make the experience easier?

  • Isabelle (necessary on a bicycle?)

    Isabelle (necessary on a bicycle?)12

    An interesting initiative is being considered by the Christchurch City Council. Following a deputation to a Community Board by a dog walker, the Council has agreed to to promote and encourage the use of bells on bicycles. The concern is that, as cycling gets more popular with the development of the Major Cycleways, there will

  • Product Reviews: GearBest Cycling Accessories

    Product Reviews: GearBest Cycling Accessories4

    And now for a word from our sponsors… well not quite, but I did receive a request from international online retailer GearBest to have a look at some of their cycling accessories (they also stock a wide range of other goods, including electronics, household gadgets and outdoor gear). And so, after a bit of back

  • More Chch cycling events coming up

    More Chch cycling events coming up3

    It might be feeling more and more like winter (not where I currently am…), but the Christchurch cycling calendar still has a few more activities coming up that may be of interest to you: The next ICEcycles free bike maintenance workshop is on this Sat 23rd May from 11am-2pm at the new Phillipstown Hub home.

  • ICECycles free bike maintenance workshop 28th Feb

    ICECycles free bike maintenance workshop 28th Feb0

    ICECyles Free Bike Maintenance Workshop Another ICEcycles (Inner City East Cycles) free bike maintenance workshop is happening from 1-4pm on Saturday 28 February at Linwood community art centre cnr Stanmore Rd & Worcester st. Bring along your bike and give the tyres a pump, fix the punctures, oil the chain, tweak the brakes, regrease the

  • Guest Post: RAD Bikes

    Guest Post: RAD Bikes1

    This guest post is from Catarina Gutierrez – enjoy! RAD is that small shed you’ve seen on the corner of Tuam and High St, across from C1 Espresso {update Jul ’15: now at The Commons, cnr Kilmore and Durham}. RAD is a non-profit organisation, run primarily on donations from the public. Open every Wednesday night

  • Make your own bike workstand

    Make your own bike workstand1

    If you do much work on your bike yourself, a workstand makes life so much easier – no back strain bending over, turn the pedals and adjust gears and brakes with ease. But they cost a fair bit and some designs are pretty flimsy so you can’t put much pressure on the spanners. I have

  • Top Tips for Starting Bike Commuting

    Top Tips for Starting Bike Commuting4

    Spring has finally made its return (well, officially at least), and for many that might mean thinking about starting (or returning to) biking to work, study, etc. We’ve posted various things over the years about cycle commuting and I thought it might be useful to collate here some quick top tips for getting the most



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