• Defensive cycling: Looking left

    Defensive cycling: Looking left1

    I’ve been cycling around many different place in New Zealand for quite a few decades now and over time I’ve become aware that there are things that cyclists can do to make themselves safer on the road.  So I thought I’d start a wee series on cycling defensively.   There are already posts on this website

  • Christchurch Home of NZ Cycling Champion

    Christchurch Home of NZ Cycling Champion1

    Guest blog by Axel Wilke Glen Koorey – Cycle Champion The national Cycle Friendly Awards were first held in 2003, and since 2007, the category “Cycling Champion of the Year” has been awarded. In 2014, Dr Glen Koorey of Christchurch was the recipient of the Cycling Champion category. Glen’s passion is helping achieve a more

  • Bikes and buses – starting to think about multimodalism

    Bikes and buses – starting to think about multimodalism4

    Great cities allow people to get around them in many different ways and to mix and match transport forms.  Christchurch already has some facilities that allow mixing and matching to happen, so I thought I’d reflect on this for a post or two – particularly with reference to the ways in which I see people

  • Accessibility – transport at its best

    Accessibility – transport at its best1

    I was visiting a friend’s in Christchurch and we needed to go to the supermarket. This short trip provided the opportunity for a walk for us and for the dogs. We set off across a park, onto an informal track which took us through a gap in the fence and across a railway line. Then

  • Top Tips for Starting Bike Commuting

    Top Tips for Starting Bike Commuting4

    Spring has finally made its return (well, officially at least), and for many that might mean thinking about starting (or returning to) biking to work, study, etc. We’ve posted various things over the years about cycle commuting and I thought it might be useful to collate here some quick top tips for getting the most

  • Summit Road Opportunity

    Summit Road Opportunity12

    What about making the Summit road a road for cyclists and pedestrians (and people with walking frames and wheelchairs) only?  The road between Rapaki and the Bridle Path reopened to foot and bicycle access only last week.  A trip up there at the weekend got me thinking that perhaps it would be more valuable to



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