• Snow chains cope well with ice on the roads

    Snow chains cope well with ice on the roads2

    • 6 June 2012

    Yes the snow did freeze overnight which means a lot of treacherous ice on the roads. Previously I’ve used my mountain bike and stuck to the busy roads where cars have worn the ice down a bit, but that means sharing a narrow strip of road in the dark with cars that may or may

  • Snow chains on bikes

    Snow chains on bikes2

    • 5 June 2012

    the snow is certainly coming down thickly. At this rate I will need to get my bike snow chains out. They work really well for ice, though for slushy stuff a normal knobbly tyre is usually adequate. the nz herald video from last year is still available with me & the 3 wheeler which has

  • Keeping gear dry in sleet

    Keeping gear dry in sleet2

    • 5 June 2012

    It was sleeting this morning as I biked to work in significant amounts. I have two boxes of old books to drop off to a 2nd hand book shop and 30kg of nuts and bolts to pick up on the way home. I could leave it for a dryer day, or I could just pop



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