• What do Cyclists want?

    What do Cyclists want?2

    • 4 September 2012

    What do Cyclists want? It depends on who you ask. People have differing opinions on what they want, in part dependent upon their own skills and experience. While it is not at all clear just what improvements in cycling infrastructure we will really get with the rebuilding of Christchurch many of us are interested in

  • Cycling improvements in the central zone

    Cycling improvements in the central zone1

    • 19 August 2012

    Has anyone else noticed that the cyclists at the beginning of the ‘Introducing the Christchurch Central Recovery Plan’ video are not wearing helmets? I was expecting a huge outcry, in the same way we had in Auckland when the new Big little city video was released showing a lidless rider … but no. And then

  • Roger wants cycling in the city too…

    Roger wants cycling in the city too…1

    • 10 August 2012

    Last week we looked at CERA’s new Central City Recovery Plan and how it might cater for cycling. You might know that CERA’s CEO Roger Sutton is pretty keen on cycling; is that likely to translate into the new city? The Press today highlighted a trip yesterday through the CBD by Mr Sutton cycling around

  • Christchurch City of Cycles?

    Christchurch City of Cycles?0

    • 6 August 2012

    Thanks to Spokes Canterbury for giving us a rundown on the draft Christchurch Transport Plan (CTP). http://spokes.org.nz/submission/2012/ccc-draft-christchurch-transport-plan There are lots of illustrations and a clear explanation of why walking and cycling, Active Transport (AT) make sense economically, socially and practically. CCC featured AT in the Central City Plan which was adopted last year and AT

  • The most significant 5 min you can spend to encourage cycling in Christchurch for the next 30 years – submit on the CTP

    The most significant 5 min you can spend to encourage cycling in Christchurch for the next 30 years – submit on the CTP1

    • 31 July 2012

    The Christchurch transport plan is out to the public for comments. There is lots of nice talk about encouraging cycling but some very disturbing comments buried very deeply in the fineprint about how any funding to build cycleways will have to wait for 10-30 years before they bother doing anything about it. It is vital

  • Should we have cycle helmet legislation?   NOT the same question as “should we wear helmets”!

    Should we have cycle helmet legislation? NOT the same question as “should we wear helmets”!5

    • 27 July 2012

    I’m writing this here because I seem to be writing something like it often recently thanks to Aaron Keown’s comments in the media recently! All other things being equal, I agree, it is better to wear a helmet when cycling than when not. However, I’m much more doubtful about making it compulsory, although it may

  • Cycling in the News

    Cycling in the News0

    • 22 July 2012

    There have been a flurry of cycling-related articles in the local news lately; looking at the online versions, they have also attracted a fair amount of discussion (and rant, vitriol, …): Christchurch City councillor Aaron Keown waded into the helmet debate by saying that it was “ugly helmets” that were deterring people from cycling in

  • Advocating for Cycling

    Advocating for Cycling0

    • 30 June 2012

    Writing a submission is really not so hard. You need only say what is on your mind, in your own words. Brevity is a virtue, but well thought out points well made are also fine. In most instances you can simply email it in. Having made submissions on cycling in Christchurch for some years now

  • Reasons why bicycles are a great mode of transport

    Reasons why bicycles are a great mode of transport0

    • 30 June 2012

    Take a wee look at this blog post on the reasons why bikes are the best way to travel! Ok I”m imagining that we could argue about the “best” bit but actually they can be the best in lots of situations… To this, I could add that bikes are great forms of transport when earthquakes

  • What can we Learn from Vancouver?

    What can we Learn from Vancouver?0

    • 23 June 2012

    Nearly three years ago, our mayor Bob Parker went on a fact-finding visit to America’s “Pacific Northwest” to check out public transport in San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver. The light rail debate continues to rage on back in here in Christchurch, but it’s a pity he didn’t pay more attention to some of the



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