I Like / I Don’t Like…

Well this idea seemed to garner a bit of comment on our sister blog Cycling In Auckland, so I thought I’d try it here:

I LIKE the fact that I could go and take a whole bunch of photos for work the other day and do it all as part of a pleasant 30km bike ride around town. Stopping and starting my car to take the next photo (~140 of them) just wouldn’t have been the same…

A nice suburban pathway for walking and cycling – not so easy to take a photo of this if out driving…

I DON’T LIKE the number of fairly new (or still under construction) subdivisions I was looking at that didn’t have basic details like kerb ramps for the lovely off-road paths they built. How exactly do they think pedestrians and cyclists are going to access them?

One-dimensional thinking from planners – where do I bike now?

I LIKE biking at night because it’s usually a lot nicer without so much traffic around.

I DON’T LIKE “discovering” a liquefaction bump on the road/path at night because of limited/non-existent lighting…

I LIKE the fact that Christchurch has so many cycle lanes or just shoulders that provide space to bike.

I DON’T LIKE when car drivers think this is also a great space to park (“it’s only for a minute…”) or when contractors think it’s a great place to put their signs…

What do you LIKE / DON’T LIKE about cycling in Christchurch?


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1 Comment

  • Frabj
    16 September 2012, 7:59 pm

    I very much like…
    – that cyclists in Chch have their own blog now
    – we can cycle on the flats to get from A to B and head for hills to do some great mountain and recreational biking
    – that we have great cycling weather all year around (apart from a few lousy wintery days).
    – that we now have an unique opportunity to implement superb cycling infrastructure



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